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Deb Nelson - Breaking 100 Committee

2011 WTGA State Amateur Local Committe - (Nelson far left)

The leaders of the WTGA have been discussing how to appropriately mark the 100th anniversary of our founding for almost ten years!  The first discussion started in 2008 and everyone had thoughts and visions of what the celebration would be like.  But it seemed so far away at the time!  Things started getting serious again in 2013 as discussions also got underway about merging with the Texas Golf Association.  Notes from the February 2013 WTGA Board meeting included this phrase, “The Committee should start planning ASAP!”

The members of the Breaking 100 Committee are Suzan Knox, Leslie Henry, Deb Nelson and Jacque Cooper.  Knox and Henry have been previously covered in this blog.

Deb Nelson started learning golf at Bryan Municipal Golf Course with the public course offered a series of women’s clinics on late summer afternoons.  The TGA’s Stacy Dennis, a college student at the time, was assigned to assist with the clinics.  Nelson served as a volunteer when the WTGA hosted the State Amateur Championship at her home course, Walden on Lake Conroe.  Her genuine hospitality, love for the game and meticulous organization made her an immediate candidate for a WTGA Director position and she joined the Board in 2012.  She continue as a member of the WTGA Committee and signed on the continue working on the Breaking 100 campaign.  Nelson has single-handedly made all of the arrangements for the November 1st Breaking 100 Gala, making all of the menu and setup decisions and managing the budget for the event.  She has balanced a desire for a spectacular night with a fundraiser’s vision.

The fruits of their labor will be on display tomorrow night, November 1st, at Houston Country Club.  Almost 300 advocates for women’s golf will join special guests Sandra Haynie, Carol Mann, Sandra Palmer, Judy Rankin and Kathy Whitworth to celebrate the impact that Texas women have had on the world of golf over the last 100 years.  Click here for more information.

100 Texas Women is a blog with each post featuring a different notable woman from the history of Texas golf.  You can honor these women and invest in the next 100 years of women's golf by contributing to the Breaking 100 campaign.  All proceeds benefit the TGA Foundations' Women's Initiatives.  Learn more and support the campaign here.
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