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Future of Golf on Display

The future of women's golf was on full display yesterday in Austin, Texas.  36 girls and young women representing LPGA / USGA Girls Golf Chapters from Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Longview and Waco participated in the Texas Challenge at Harvey Penick Golf Campus.  There were young girls who were just getting started in golf and high school seniors who have committed to play collegiate golf.  You can find a complete recap of the event HERE.

Here are a few of my favorite stories and observations from the day:
  1. During registration, one of the moms came up to register her daughter.  I was hanging up the scoreboards, and happened to be there, so I helped her as best I could until the qualified people were available.  I asked her if her daughter had been to the Texas Challenge before, and she said, "Oh yes!  She's been coming since she first got involved in Girls Golf".  I asked her how long ago that was and how she'd been doing, and she responded by tellng me that her daughter started when she was in the youngest age group and this would be her last time at our event.  She will graduate next year and has committed to playing collegiate golf at the University of Texas at Arlington.

  2. I was fortunate enough to be assigned to go along with a group in "The Babe" Division.  These golfers compete in a scramble format, and this division was intended to appeal to some of the kids in each chapter that might be newer to the game or not quite ready for "full-on" competitive golf.  On the ride out to our hole, I got the complete golfing life story of the two 11-year olds in my cart.  They learned golf from their dads and grand-dads.  One of the brothers played golf.  The other was very proud to show me and share that she was using a glove that her brother and cousins had both used when they were smaller and learning to play.  As they teed off on their first hole, Kennedy hit her orange ball right down the middle.  It didn't go all that far, but put her team in a good position.  Walking back to her partner, I could overhear her strategy discussion.  She said, "I hit a bright one so it is easy to see."

  3. As precious as they were, it wasn't all just cuteness in my group, however.  I saw four girls under the age of 13 who all had solid golf swings, understood what they were supposed to be doing on each shot and truly gave their best effort each time.  They worked together with their partners, they were exceptionally good sports, and they hit some really good shots.  Five or six years from now, I will not be surprised when they tell me they are graduating from high school and our program, and are going on to play collegiate golf.
Even if it's not collegiate golf these girls end up pursuing, they will make a genuine contribution to their community.  It was such an honor and a complete pleasure to spend an afternoon with such great kids.  If anyone ever wonders about the "state of the game" or about "kids these days", I can tell you that we are in very good hands.  I had a front-row seat to where women's golf is going for at least the next couple of decades, it is very exciting!
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What a delightful story!
Posted by Susan Cabral on August 3, 2017 @ 10:01 pm

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