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Kyle Stevens


Kyle O’Brien Stevens grew up in Indiana and was a highly decorated golfer before she ever set foot in Texas.  She was the runner-up in the 1975 US Junior Girls Championship and qualified for the US Women’s Amateur that same year.  She came to Dallas in 1976 to attend SMU.  In 1979 she led the team to the 1979 AIAW National Championship and also claimed the individual title.  She was a 2-time All American before embarking on a career in the LPGA.  After a few months on the mini-tour, she qualified in her first attempt at LPGA Q-school, and was named the 1981 Golf Digest LPGA Rookie of the Year.  She remembers being paired with Judy Rankin during her second professional tournament and counts that fortunate pairing as a key to her early success.  “After 36 holes, I approached Judy and told her what a thrill it was to play with her – she was one of the very best ever.  I asked her for guidance and an opportunity to reach out to her if I needed advice and support.  She was so gracious and generous with her time.  Things were never the same after that – I knew I had a friend out there.”
She continued her successful career until two back surgeries interfered in 1985.  She recalls leading a tournament at Sweetwater Country Club after the first round and being hardly able to move the next morning.  It was at about that time that her former coach from SMU approached her to talk about his upcoming retirement and a suggestion that she consider coaching.  “The timing was right,” Stevens said.  After working with Coach Stewart for almost a year, she became the Women’s Golf Coach at SMU in 1986.  She coached through 1992 when her team claimed the Southwest Conference Title.  Since completing her coaching career, Kyle has raised children, hunted and fished with her family, and continued to play great golf.  She is passionate about the game of golf, her faith and her friends and family.  Although not a native Texan, she considers coming to Texas as divine intervention.  When asked about leaving Indiana to go to college, Stevens said, “Some people might get homesick, but once I got to Texas, I never looked back.  It’s exactly where I was supposed to be.”  Kyle is a member of the SMU Athletics Hall of Fame and the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame.
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