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Martha Mahan, 1970 WTGA Champion

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Martha Mahan, 1970 WTGA Champion

As a 15 year old, Martha (Painter) Mahan claimed medalist honors in the 1959 WTGA State Amateur.  Leading the championship field as a junior high school student would be an accomplishment under any circumstances, but doing so from a field that included players like Sandra Haynie, Kay Pearson Keating, Sandra Palmer and Mary Ann Morrison make the honor an even more impressive feat.  Mahan first played in the championship in 1955 as an 11 year old.  She would still be a top contender 30 years later, claiming medalist honors for the fifth time in 1985.

Mahan was a contender over four different decades.  She was a medalist in 1959.  She reached the semi-finals in 1960 where she fell to Hall of Fame member Sandra Haynie.  She won the championship in 1970, defeating fellow championship stalwart Lyda Hill in the final match.  She reached the finals again in 1973, and was again medalist in 1975.  Mahan was medalist three times in the 1980s – 1980, 1984 and 1985, but did not win another championship.

The player whose introduction to the WTGA came as an 11 year old competitor gave back to the game she dedicated herself to.  She served as a WTGA Director from 1970-1976.
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A friend of mine told me Mrs Mahan was inducted into the Texas Golf Hall of Fame. Couldn't have happened to a nicer lady. She inspired me as a junior golfer. I was amazed how straight she hit the ball. She always encouraged me and gave me pointers. I see James posted a message. You wouldn't have been able to hustle me with that line!! I knew how good she was! I have never forgotten you Martha....you were so nice to me.
Posted by Brad Leinart on May 18, 2017 @ 7:32 pm

Martha Mahan is my mother and I have had the privilege of watching her play my entire life. She exemplified the true meaning of a competitor and a golfer. She was amazing to watch play the game and how much she enjoyed golf. I was a decent Jr golfer myself but I could never beat her. Later that worked to my advantage because when people wanted to play a money game they would ask if I was any good. I would respond "I can't even beat my mom". Greatest hustling line ever. But with all this being said, she has been an even better mother. She is an incredible person and is so much more than a truly great golfer. I am so very proud that I can say that Martha Mahan is my mother. I love you mom.James Mahan
Posted by James Mahan on May 9, 2016 @ 6:22 pm

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