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Mary Lou Dill - 1967 US Women's Amateur Champion

Dill wins 1967 US Women's Amateur Championship - Photo courtesy USGA

In 1967, Mary Lou Dill proved that the toughest competition in America happened in Texas.  Dill won the 1967 US Women’s Amateur Championship – unquestionably the most prestigious amateur competition in the world.  Despite her national success, a WTGA State Amateur Championship eluded her.  In 1964 she was the Junior Medalist at the State Amateur in the same year she advanced to the semi-finals at the US Girls Junior Championship.

Following her national championship, Dill competed on the US Curtis Cup Team in 1968.  She won a Houston City Amateur Championship – one of only two players not named Mary Ann Rathmell Morrison to claim the title in a 25-year period of time.  She was the 1972 medalist at the WTGA State Amateur, and a perennial State Amateur contender.  She was inducted into the Texas Golf Hall of Fame in 1991.

1968 Curis Cup Team - Dill 2nd from left - Top Row - Photos courtesy USGA

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