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Texas Cup - Women's golf regional Ryder Cup

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Texas Cup - Women's golf regional Ryder Cup

There has always been a little bit of a rivalry between North and South Texas.  Probably going back to the 1st WTGA State Amateur Championship in 1916, players from each region have wondered if they were better than players from the other.  Finally, in 1992 a group of players did more than just debate the topic.  They agreed to decide the question on the golf course once and for all.  The matches feature the top 12 amateurs from South and North Texas in a two-day Ryder-Cup style format.

Debra Spain, 1986 WTGA State Amateur Champion, led the inaugural South team and Carolyn Creekmore, Melissa Gotfredsson, Sandy Holdcraft and Carolyn Harper spearheaded activities in the North.  In the early years, matches alternated between Champions Golf Club in Houston and Las Colinas Sports Club in Dallas.  Mike Abbott, the first Captain for the North team helped secure the Las Colinas site and has been an avid supporter and advocate for the event.  “I thought it would be fun to have the best players in Texas competing at Las Colinas and great for our facility.”  Abbott, who has recently led the development of Blue Jack National with Tiger Woods Design, remembers the spirit of fierce competition and fellowship in the early years of the event.  “You just can’t believe the level of play and the great players who have participated.  Hall of Fame players like Toni Wiesner, Carolyn Creekmore, Robin Burke.  And some players who are not as well-known, but played their way onto the teams and would play the golf of their lives in the matches.  The competition truly brings out the best in the players.”

Another key figure in the growth of the Texas Cup matches, and women’s golf in general, was the late Harless Wade.  Wade and the Dallas Morning News were great supporters and the first sponsor for the matches.  Wade wrote features on the event and provided great coverage for women’s golf throughout the year.  “If it weren’t for Harless Wade, no one would know who any of us were”, remarked Creekmore.

The 25th Texas Cup matches will be played November 14-15 at Blue Jack National.  The North Texas team currently owns the cup after winning the 2015 matches by a slim one point margin.  After 24 years, the matches stand all square.  Both teams have won 12 times, so the debate about which Texas region claims the best players still remains undecided! 100 Texas Women is a blog with each post featuring a different notable woman from the history of Texas golf.  You can honor these women and invest in the next 100 years of women's golf by contributing to the Breaking 100 campaign.  All proceeds benefit the TGA Foundations' Women's Initiatives.  Learn more and support the campaign here.
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Something is missing from this blog! Where is the picture of the South team??? Also, can you add a L to R giving names of the team members? Fun to learn some history of the event!
Posted by Molly Price on October 15, 2016 @ 9:37 am

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