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USGA Amateur Status and Rules of Golf

USGA Amateur Status and Rules of Golf

The year 2012 marked the start of a new version of the Rules of Golf that is effective worldwide through 2015. The four-year revision cycle ensures any changes receive proper attention and extensive deliberation from both the USGA and R&A. During this four-year cycle there can and will be changes to the Decisions of the Rules of Golf in a continuing effort to improve upon the preciseness and usefulness of these interpretations of the Rules.

Amateur Status Reinstatement

For any golfers that reside in the state of Texas wishing to regain their Amateur status, the Texas Golf Association can help. The process for reinstatement is outlined below. An application for reinstatement to amateur status must be completed in duplicate before the USGA will consider you for reinstatement. Once the applications are completed, they must first be sent to the Texas Golf Association for review, and we will provide a recommendation and forward the applications to the USGA for processing. This process can take anywhere between 6 to 8 weeks. The routine probation period a person must wait before reinstatement to amateur status is granted is two years from the date of the last act contrary to the Rules of Amateur Status. However, this probation period can vary depending on the type and length of violation. Shorter periods of one year are typically granted for those who have accepted a non-conforming prize, and longer periods of three years are typically granted for those applicants who have played extensively for prize money or are requesting a second reinstatement. The waiting period is retroactive, and begins from the date the applicant last acted contrary to the Rules of Amateur Status. For more information please contact the Texas Golf Association at 214.468.8942.


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