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Women's Golf Day a Huge Success at Brookhaven Country Club

Last month more than 700 venues in 46 countries around the world celebrated International Women’s Golf Day with instructional clinics, social get-togethers and networking opportunities. Now in its second year, nearly 30,000 women took part in the June 6 global initiative. The annual one-day, four-hour event provides women and girls chances to try golf for the first time in a fun, non-intimidating environment alongside existing golfers.
Brookhaven Country Club in Farmers Branch was one of 50 Texas clubs to join in the festivities. The longtime TGA Member Club also took advantage of the opportunity to grow the game, as well as strengthen their membership.
In preparation for the Women’s Golf Day event at Brookhaven, PGA Director of Golf Brad McCollum reached out to the Dallas chapter of the Executive Women’s Golf Association, as well as Brookhaven’s women’s golf groups, tennis groups and social members to invite them to attend.
“We used it as an opportunity to share golf,” McCollum said, “Our hope was to grow the game of golf and expand our reach within our membership here at Brookhaven.”
Almost 40 women attended the Women’s Golf Day event, up from only six who participated in 2016. Brookhaven’s success should be a lesson and an example to other clubs on what can happen with some progressive thinking.
“We definitely expanded our reach,” McCollum said. “We even had a few from outside our club join us for the event, so we could share our Brookhaven Experience and the game of golf.”
Like so many public courses, private clubs and practice facilities around the world did, Brookhaven conducted a low-key affair that focused on basic instruction and networking. The top priority was for the attending women to have fun and leave with a feeling of camaraderie that the game naturally encourages. After a 45-minute clinic, McCollum turned loose the attendees on a nine-hole putting contest at the club’s putt-putt facility.
“Our putt-putt course is a fabulous amenity for our facility,” he said. “They had to keep score and play the course in the correct sequence, holes one through nine. Those are important parts of the game, and we wanted them to experience this aspect of the game of golf.”
The final hour of the event saw the women socializing around a fire pit. Everyone left with a prize, whether it was won through a game, a raffle or a hole-in-one on the putt-putt course. The event was free, and McCollum said it was a huge success.
“We’re very much a family club, and this just helped us strengthen our connection with Brookhaven families,” he said. “The Women’s Golf Day event helped drive home the message that both spouses can play golf, which ties directly to what sets Brookhaven apart... we are all about getting the entire family involved.”

Brookhaven’s positive experience was a microcosm of the big picture goals for the worldwide event.
At locations from Johannesburg, South Africa, and Oslo, Norway, to Hong Kong, China, and Pattaya City, Thailand, Women’s Golf Day enjoyed a 68 percent participation increase compared to the 2016 event.
The event also gained massive engagement on social media platforms fueled by the #womensgolfday campaign. Women’s Golf Day Founder Elisa Gaudet reported 99 percent organic growth across all social media channels. The dedicated hashtag received more than 15 million impressions to nearly 10 million uses on Twitter and Instagram.
“We’ve discovered that female business professionals who take up the game of golf soon recognize the value it brings when it comes to customer engagement and future business development,” Gaudet said. “It’s important that women have a positive experience when playing golf, regardless of their level of experience. Women’s Golf Day caters to all levels and imparts camaraderie.”
Gaudet said she was thrilled with the rapid expansion, but not surprised by the worldwide interest.
“I’m elated and proud that this one-day international event has introduced thousands of new female golfers to the sport and impassioned existing golfers while transcending language, culture, religion and race to celebrate golf, women, and community,” Gaudet said. “It is also important for the golf industry to understand women make up 85 percent of all consumer purchases and the important role they play as economic influencers for the family. The big ticket items for the golf industry are home purchases in golf communities, country club memberships and golf vacations. Women have a definitive say in the making of those decisions.”
Partners and supporting organizations of the transnational event include the International Golf Federation, World Golf Foundation, LPGA, LET, European Tour Properties, TPC, NGCOA, EGCOA, ClubCorp, Billy Casper Golf, PGA TOUR Superstore, Ahead, EWGA, WIGI, International Council of Nurses, All Square, Expert Golf and Troon International.
“In my 37 years in the golf industry, I have seen very few initiatives so effectively generate interest and enthusiasm among women and girls as Women’s Golf Day has these past two years,” said Steve Mona, CEO of the World Golf Foundation. “It has rapidly become a global movement, where women are coming together, not only to take up our sport, but to network and enjoy the social benefits associated with our game.”
For more information about the WGD global initiative, click here.
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Wow! What a fantastic event, and great way to increase the love of golf.
Posted by Susan Cabral on July 8, 2017 @ 9:25 am

Great and fun way to keep up!
Posted by Bev Baetge on July 5, 2017 @ 6:43 pm

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