Texas Golf Association, Since 1906
Texas Golf Association, Since 1906

Conditions of Competition

Conditions of Competition

  • Walk Up Procedure

    • To be a part of the Walk Up procedure you must be either a TGA alternate or waitlisted player. Players wishing to Walk Up are required to check in with the TGA official at the first tee 30 minutes prior to the start of Round One. Alternates or waitlisted players who are late to check in will be placed at the bottom of the Walk Up list. At check in you will be ranked in accordance with your status as either an alternate or waitlisted player.
    • Once play begins, if a player who is in the starting field fails to show up at the tee at the designated time, an alternate or waitlisted player will be called. If the player does not show within five minutes, the alternate or waitlisted player’s ball will be in play.
    • Rankings for Waitlisted Players - Waitlisted players present for the Walk Up procedure will be checked in and then ranked based on the original order their application was received by the TGA. This ranking does not apply to State Amateur and Mid-Amateur qualifiers – see below.
    • Walk Up Procedure for Qualifying Rounds – If a player is entered in a State Amateur or State Mid-Amateur qualifier, and circumstances arise after the entry deadline has passed that cause him to miss his assigned qualifier, he may follow the "Walk Up Procedure” outlined above at another qualifier. Any waitlisted player at a qualifying site will be drawn by lot to replace players in the field that fail to show up at his designated starting time.
  • Alternate Substitution

    • Only those players who have earned alternate status through TGA qualifying are eligible for alternate substitution. Any spots in the Championship field that become available will be filled by the highest ranked alternate from the same site as the player who withdrew. The TGA ranks all qualifying sites based on size and quality of the field. Spots which become available through an exempt player withdrawal will be filled by the 1st alternate at the #1 ranked qualifying site, then the 1st alternate at the #2 ranked site, and so on. The TGA will contact alternates for substitution up until 6:00 PM of the night prior to the start of Round One. After that time, any player on the alternate list may exercise their right to walk up on site. Please see "Walk Up Procedure” for further details.
    • Rankings For Alternate Players - Alternate players present at the Walk Up Procedure will be checked in and then ranked based on the following: All 1st alternates will get priority and will fill any open spots in the order of their qualifying site rank. The 1st alternate at the #1 ranked site, will be first, then the 1st alternate from the #2 ranked site, and so on. If all 1st alternates present gain a spot in the tournament, then 2nd alternates will fill any remaining open spots in the same manner as the 1st alternates.

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