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Get Ready Play Ready

Get Ready Play Ready

Get Ready… Play Ready is a TGA initiative to help educate players on the importance of Pace of Play.  Whether it is in a national championship, a TGA state championship, a Legends Junior Tour event or just a round at your club, we hope that everyone will join us as we Get Ready… Play Ready.

The TGA is promoting Get Ready… Play Ready as a way to address Pace of Play issues as well as trying to get golfers to not only play faster, but to make it a more enjoyable experience.  Golfers tend to play better when they get in a rhythm that is not too fast, but certainly not too slow.  

What Can You Do To Help?

  • Start shot your preparation (get yardage, check wind, make club selection, get glove on,) while other people are playing, then you will be ready to play when it is your turn.
  • On the putting green, you can begin to line up your putt while your fellow competitor is putting.
  • In Stroke Play, it is not a penalty to play out of turn.  If you are ready while your fellow competitor is not ask, then go ahead and play.

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