Texas Golf Association, Since 1906
Texas Golf Association, Since 1906

Legends Junior Tour Hard Card

Legends Junior Tour Hard Card

The Rules of the United States Golf Association govern play. The following Local Rules and Conditions of Competition apply for all TGA events and may be found in the current Appendix I of the USGA Rules of Golf as referenced on page numbers below. In addition, each tournament or qualifying round will have a separate Notice to Players with information specific to that event.

Unless otherwise provided, penalty for breach of a Local Rule or Condition:

Stroke Play – Two Strokes; Match Play – Loss of Hole

Tournament Directors: Rob Addington, Ryan Finn, Kellen Kubasak and John Cochran.

Upon completion and confirmation of entry, all players have agreed to abide by all Texas Golf Association Tournament Policies and Procedures – including Code of Conduct, Dress Code, and any special guidelines for specific event.

Local Rules

OUT OF BOUNDS: Defined by inside points, at ground level, of white stakes and fence posts. Rule 27-1.

WATER & LATERAL WATER HAZARDS STAKES AND LINES: When both stakes and lines are present, stakes identify the hazard and lines define the margin. When a water hazard or a lateral water hazard is defined on only one side, it is deemed to extend to infinity. When a water hazard or lateral water hazard is bounded by out of bounds, the hazard margin extends to and coincides with the out of bounds line.

GROUND UNDER REPAIR: Defined by white lines. Fire ant hills, sod covered trenching for temporary cables, and French drains are deemed to be ground under repair even if not so marked. (Note: For a player whose ball is in a water hazard and is affected by a fire ant hill – see Decision 1-4/10.)

EMBEDDED BALL THROUGH THE GREEN: Local Rule as prescribed in Appendix I, page 127 is in effect.

SEAMS OF CUT TURF: Through the green, seems of cut turf (not the turf itself) are deemed to be ground under repair. Local Rule as prescribed in Appendix I , page 129, is in effect.

WOOD CHIPS AND MULCH: Are loose impediments, unless otherwise provided for in Notice to Players.

STONES IN BUNKERS: Stones in bunkers are movable obstructions. Rule 24-1 applies.

IMMOVABLE OBSTRUCTIONS: A) White lined areas tying into immovable obstructions have the same status as the obstruction and are not ground under repair. B) Landscaped or garden areas (flower beds, shrubberies, or the like) completely encircled by an obstruction are considered part of the obstruction. C) Exposed liners in bunkers.

STAKED TREES: If the lie of the ball, stance, and/or area of intended swing is interfered with by a stake that is attached to a tree, the stake/rope/wire is treated as an obstruction. Relief without penalty from the tree itself is not allowed.

INTEGRAL PARTS OF THE COURSE: A) includes wrappings, cables, rods, or wires when closely attached to trees. B) Artificial walls and pilings when located within water hazards, unless otherwise provided for in Notice to Players. C) Artificial walls and pilings when used to define the margin of bunkers are integral parts of the course and through the green.

PERMANENT ELEVATED POWER LINES AND CABLES: If a ball strikes a permanent elevated power line or cable, the stroke must be canceled and replayed without penalty (Rule 20-5). If the ball is not immediately recoverable another ball may be substituted. (For temporary power lines or cables see Temporary Immovable Obstructions).

TEMPORARY IMMOVABLE OBSTRUCTIONS: Local Rule as prescribed in Appendix I, page 131-134 is in effect.

TURF PLUGS ON PUTTING GREENS: On the putting green, in addition to Rule 16-1c, the player may repair turf plugs of any size. Note: Aeration holes on the putting green are not turf plugs.


LIST OF CONFORMING GOLF BALLS & DRIVER HEADS: Optional Condition as prescribed in Appendix I is in effect.

ELECTRONIC MEASURING DEVICES: Optional condition as prescribed in Appendix I page 136 is in effect. (Distance only)

PACE OF PLAY: See separate memorandum to players or back of TGA scorecard for pace of play guidelines.

DISCONTINUANCE OF PLAY: Optional Condition as prescribed in Appendix I, pages 140-141, is in effect. All practice areas are closed during suspension during a dangerous situation until the Committee has declared them open. Players who practice on closed practice areas will be asked to cease doing so; failure to comply may result in a violation of the TGA Code of Conduct.

Discontinue Play Immediately: one prolonged signal note. Discontinue Play: three consecutive short signal notes. Resume Play: two short signal notes.

PRACTICE: Prior to and after his round in stroke play, a player may practice on the designated practice areas. Rule 7-1b applies to other practice in stroke play, and Rule 7-1a covers practice before the round in match play.

CLOSE OF COMPETITION: The competition is deemed to have closed when the trophy has been presented to the winner or, in the absence of a prize ceremony, when all scores have been approved by the Committee.

The result of a match is considered to have been "officially announced” when the Committee has approved the result as posted on the public scoreboard.

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