Texas Golf Association, Since 1906
The Legends Junior Tour is part of the Texas Junior Golf Alliance; a joint venture between the Texas Golf Association, Northern and Southern Texas PGA and Houston Golf Association. The Tour operates as part of the Texas Golf Association and its Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization. Since its inception in 2005, the Tour has provided over $250,000 to promote junior golf initiatives and exposure to the game to those who might not otherwise have the opportunity across the state.

Legends Junior Tour

Nike Points

Golfers have the option at tournament registration to choose between a dozen Nike golf balls or 50 Nike Points. By collecting Nike Points you can save them and use them to 'buy' Nike shoes, shirts, outwear and even luggage.

LJT Alumni Spotlight

The Legends Junior Tour is home to the best players in the state. Our current and past members have found success on the national, collegiate and professional level. We are proud to promote these accomplishments in our Player Spotlight.

Legends Junior Tour

Ping College Golf Guide

As a member of the Texas Junior Golf Alliance, you can receive the Ping American College Golf Guide at an incredibly low rate of $20. Just click on the link to learn more information and to get started.

Texas Junior Golf Alliance

The four organizations operating the state's most prominent junior golf programs (LJT, NTPGA, STPGA & HGA) have formed the Texas Junior Golf Alliance. Click 'Read More' to learn more about the Texas Junior Golf Alliance.