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Mary Lou Crocker

(Photo courtesy of USGA)

Mary Lou Crocker had quite a year in 1962.  The Kentucky school girl won the Western Girl’s Junior Championship and followed it up with the USGA Junior Girl’s Title.  She was also named the Kentucky Female Athlete of the Year.  She went on to win the Kentucky State Amateur Championship in 1965 and earned a scholarship to play on the Men’s Golf Team at the University of Kentucky.  After college, she spent 15 years on the LPGA tour.  She won the 1973 MARC Equity Classic and lost in a playoff to Texas-great Sandra Palmer in the 1976 Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Classic.  She is a Class “A” lifetime member of the LPGA Touring Division.

After retiring from professional competition, Crocker embarked on a new career as a golf instructor.  She was a member of the Golf Magazine staff and has taught with the Carol Mann Golf Schools and Hank Haney Golf School at Castle Hills.  She has served as an Instructor, Trainer and Certified Instructor for those with physical and cognitive disabilities for the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital.  In 2002, Crocker became the Site Director and Lead Instructor for the Dallas chapter of LPGA / USGA Girls Golf.  The Winner’s Program and Texas Challenge are Women’s Initiatives of the TGA Foundation that provide funding and support to LPGA / USGA Girls Golf sites like the one Crocker led for many years.

From her days as a junior golf standout in Kentucky to her days as a coach and mentor to Texas junior girls, Mary Lou Crocker has played and served the game well.  While her allegiance lies squarely with the Kentucky Wildcats, we Texans are proud to claim her as our own and celebrate the contribution she has made to the game of golf in our state.  Mary Lou passed away January 27.  She will be greatly missed by the world of golf.

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