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TLJT Membership

TLJT Membership

The four organizations operating the state's most prominent junior golf programs have formed the Texas Junior Golf Alliance, a new partnership that is designed to give junior golfers greater access to top tier competition statewide and ease the burden of travel expense. Texas Golf Association (TGA), the Northern Texas and Southern Texas Sections of the PGA of America and the Houston Golf Association (HGA) have formed a group whose goal is to simplify qualifying for the Legends Junior Tour's statewide high profile events. Collectively each year the four organizations provide playing opportunities to more than 6,000 junior boys and girls in 500-plus tournaments. The PGA Sections have been holding the Texas State Junior Championship since 1922.

How to Register for Membership

Legends Junior Tour membership will now be contingent upon a player becoming a member of one of the Texas Junior Golf Alliance partners. There will no be separate Legends Junior Tour membership fee. There are two options to register for membership:

  • Sign up for membership with the Northern Texas PGA, Southern Texas PGA or Houston Golf Association on their respective websites or through the Legends Junior Tour
  • When registering for membership through one of our Alliance Partners, please allow 2-3 business days for us to process the membership on our end.
  • When registering for membership through the Legends Junior Tour, you must select one of the three Alliance Partners. Upon doing that, please allow 2-3 hours for us to process the membership before registering for a tournament.
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