LJT Texas Girls’ Invitational

Bentwater Yacht & Country Club – Weiskopf
February 16 – 17

Tournament Information

Date: February 16-17, 2020
Host Club: Bentwater Yacht & Country Club (Weiskopf Course)
Address: 800 Bentwater Dr, Montgomery, TX 77356
Phone: (936) 597-6219
TGA Staff Contact: Tournament Director, Kevin Porter

Entry & Eligibility Information

Entries Open: December 18, 2019 @ 9:00 AM
Entries Close: February 5, 2020 @ 5:00 PM
Entry Fee: $325

Eligibility: Entries are open to all golfers with an active membership with the Texas Junior Golf Alliance. Players with priority status will be added first with the remaining spots being filled based on the order of sign ups. Please reference LJT Policies and Procedures for further details. 

Entry Procedure: Players with priority status will be added to the field first, once the priority entry deadline passes at 5:00 PM on Wednesday, February 5. Once the priority entry deadline has passed, and if the field or a division is not full, the LJT will fill the remaining spots in the field according to the order of sign ups. 

Championship Information

Format/Field Size: This event is 54 holes on stroke play competition with one Girls Division. The filed is limited to 72 players.

Caddies: Players are permitted to have a caddie for the Texas Girls’ Invitational. The only stipulation for caddies is it cannot be the parent or legal guardian of the player.

Transportation: Players will be required to walk during the competition, unless acting under the discretion of an LJT rules official. Non-motorized push/pull carts will be permitted during the championship.

Please click here for full player information for the Texas Girls' Invitational

Schedule of Events

Wednesday, December 18
9:00 AM - Entries Open

Wednesday, February 5
5:00 PM - Entries Close

Saturday, February 15
12:00 - 3:00 PM - Tournament Registration
1:00 -3:00 PM - Practice Rounds off #1 & #10

Sunday, February 16
7:30 AM - Round 1 Shotgun Start
Lunch Provided for Players on Course
12:30 PM - Round 2 Continuous Play

Monday, February 17
8:00 - 10:00 AM - Round 3 Tee Times Off #1 & #10
11:00 AM - 3:00 PM - Lunch Provided for Players
Conclusion of Play - Awards Ceremony

Championship Exemptions

A. Past Champions: Makenzie Niblett, Anne Chen
B. Top 10 - 2029 Texas Girls' Invitational: Elina Sinz, Caroline Kent, Mackenzie Moore, Olivia Mitchell, Allyn Stephens, Ashley Yen
C. Top 15 - 2019 Texas Junior Amateur: Nicole Vivier, Savannah Barber, Christine Wang, Lauren Nguyen, Delany Martin, Mia Nixon, Mallorie Luitweiler, Chelsea Romas, Symran Shah
D. Top 5 - 2019 George Hannon Junior Invitational: Kaylee Vesely, Meagan Winans, Gabbi Bentancourt
E. Top 5 - 2019 Bluebonnet Championship: Calynne Rosholt, Hallie Kuhns
F. Top 3 - 2019 Collegiate Preview: Mia Gaboriau, Malisone Chanthapanya
G. Top 5 - 2019 Texas Junior Golf Alliance Invitational: Tillie Claggett, Cari Denson, Estelle Seon, Ryan Ko
H. Top 3 - 2019 Alamo Shootout: Eubin Shim
I. Top 5 - 2020 Winter Classic: Darrelyn Webster, Ellie Szeryk
J. Top 5 - 2020 Jimmy Demaret Junior Classic: Vera Yi, Maye Huang, Avery Thompson
K. 2019 LJT Tournament Champions: Sky Sudberry, Remington Isaac, Maddi Olson
L. 2019 Texas Junior Amateur Champion (Girls 14 & Under): Sydney Givens
M. Top 10 - 2020 Junior Golf Scoreboard Class as of Dec. 18, 2019 (TX Only): Sadie Englemann, Macy Fox, Ellie Roth, Anne Chen, Zoe Slaughter, Bentley Cotton
N. Top 10 - 2021 Junior Golf Scoreboard Class as of Dec. 18, 2019 (TX Only): Bohyun Park, Melena Barrientos, Jackie Feldman, Jacqueline Nguyen
O. Top 5 - 2022 Junior Golf Scoreboard Class as of Dec. 18, 2019 (TX Only): Ryann Honea, Ashley Liu
P. NTPGA: Kelsey Kim, Lauren Rios, Rylie Rodriguez, Sidney Stramel, Haili Moore, Julianna Crow, Gracie Tribolet, Alexandra Hileman, Summer Lee, An Shelmire, Jordan Arts
Q. STPGA: Hannah Johnston, Brielle Burns, Carmen Kennett, Sofia Bastidas, Emma McMyler, Maelynn Kim, Chaemin Kim, Raleygh Simpson
S. Host Club Exemptions:
T. Sponsor/Special Exemptions:
U. Committee Selected International Players:

The LJT reserves the right to select players to be in the field. Exempt players must complete registration for the event by the published deadline or they will lose their spot in the field.