Texas League Play

Horseshoe Bay Resort (Slick Rock GC)
June 2-5, 2022


Captain Quick Links

Team Captain Duties

Overview: Captains are instrumental in the success of Texas League Play. Captains are generally responsible for scheduling, fielding a team each week, lineup/pairings, and submitting results.

Scheduling: Captains are responsible for setting the regular season schedule. Captain should coordinate with the other clubs in the teams conference before submitting the final schedule to the Texas Golf Association. Schedules must be submitted to the TGA no later than February 26, 2022 by 5:00 PM.

Match Arrangements: Captains must communicate with the other clubs in their conference to establish the following:

  • Match fees and payment method
  • Specific day of the week and starting time for matches (a standard day of the week and time are preferred)
  • Acceptable pace of play at each club for matches
  • Caddies (if required – fees & gratuity policy)
  • Gratuity policy for outside service staff
  • Club policies (attire, hats, cell phones, etc.)

Host Club Responsibilities

Tee Times: The host club is responsible for making sure the matches begin at the established starting time. The club should communicate the playing order if different than the pairings sheet.

Paperwork: The host club is responsible for printing and providing the following documents to each play before the matches: Scorecards with handicap strokes, pairings sheet, pace of place guidelines, and Local Rule sheet.

Scoreboard: The host club must provide a scoreboard or scoring area to identify when a match is considered final. Scores and match results posted in the Team Matches Portal are considered to be final and should reflect the outcome of the matches. If the results shown on the Team Match Portal are incorrect, it is the winning team captain’s responsibility to reach our to the TGA immediately.