TGA Medalist Series

About the Series


Medalist North
February 18-19 – Indian Creek Golf Course (Lakes), Carrollton, TX
March 18-19 – Waterview Golf Club, Rowlett, TX
April 15-16 – The Bridges Club, Gunter, TX
Medalist Hill Country
February 18-19 – Frio Valley Ranch, Concan, TX
March 4-5 – Lighthouse Country Club, Kingsland, TX
April 15-16 – Ladybird Johnson Golf Course, Fredricksburg, TX

Medalist Gulf Coast
February 18-19 – Panorama Golf Club, Conroe, TX
March 11-12 – Quail Valley Golf Course ( La Quinta), Missouri City, TX
April 1-2 – Atascocita Golf Club (Shores/Pinehurst), Atascocita, TX

Entry & Eligibility Information
Entries Open: January 4, 2023 @ 9:00 AM
Entries Close: Monday prior to each event @ 5:00 PM
Exempt Deadline: N/A (See “Format/Field Size” below)
Entry Fee: $185
TGA Staff Contact: Tournament Coordinator, Duffy Suhr

The Texas Golf Association does not have staff nor rules officials on site for any Medalist Events, these events are run by strictly by host club staff.

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Eligibility: Entries open to male amateur golfers who reside in the Texas. Applicants must have a certified WHS Handicap Index of 15.0 or less through a TGA member club. Please reference TGA Policies and Procedures for further details, including Policies and Procedures, and Terms of Competitions. There are no regional restrictions; members can play in the TGA Medalist North, TGA Medalist Hill Country, and TGA Medalist Gulf Coast events.
Entry Procedure: The field will be established in the order in which entries are received until the Monday prior to the first round of the Medalist Series Event. Should withdrawals occur spots will be filled from the wait list by order of entry.
WHS Handicap: Players needing a WHS Handicap who are not members of a TGA Member Club can join the TGA Medalist Program by clicking here.

Championship Information

Format/Field Size: Scheduled for 36 holes of Stroke Play (no cut), gross only. Field limit of 51 players. The field will be established in the order in which entries are received. Each event will be allocated 39 Open Division and 12 Senior Division (age of 55 or older at the start of the first round) players for the first two weeks of registration. Once the two week deadline has passed, and if the field or a division is not full, the TGA will fill the remaining spots in the field with waitlisted entries, which may affect the original size of each division. These entries will be accepted into the field in the order in which they were received, regardless of division. For additional information regarding wait list and when the number of applicants exceeds the division capacity, please refer to the TGA Policies and Procedures.
Divisions: The field will be split up in two divisions; Senior Division for players 55 and over and the Open Division for all other players.
What is Included: Green fees, cart, and range balls are included in the tournament entry fee. Players should check in with golf shop to receive their cart key.
Registration Information: There is no no official registration for TGA Regional Events. Players are asked to arrive to their respective starting tee 8-10 minutes prior to their starting time.
Practice Round Information: Below are practice round rates and availability offered by the club to TGA Medalist Series players. To receive practice round green fees, the player must identify themselves as a TGA Medalist Series competitor. Call Golf Shop to schedule your practice round at your specific Medalist site.

  • Medalist North #1 (Indian Creek GC): $40 (including cart) Monday-Friday, Saturday and Sunday full rate
  • Medalist North #2 (Waterview GC): $45
  • Medalist North #3 (The Bridges GC): Contact The Bridges for Practice Round information
  • Medalist Hill Country #1 (Frio Valley Ranch): $55 (cart included) practice round may be scheduled starting 2/11
  • Medalist Hill Country #2 (Lighthouse CC): $45 Weekdays $50 Weekend
  • Medalist Hill Country #3 (Ladybird Johnson): $35 Walking $18 Cart Fee
  • Medalist Gulf Coast #1 (Panorama GC): $35
  • Medalist Gulf Coast #2 (Quail Valley GC): $36.50 practice rounds available March 3-10
  • Medalist Gulf Coast #3 (Atascocita GC): $30 weekday anytime, weekend after 1PM

Starting Times/Pairings Information: Starting times / pairings will be emailed to players, and posted online at the Tuesday prior to each event at 5:00PM. Tee times will start off #1 (unless otherwise noted) with a respective starting time for each event as follows (Senior Division will generally tee off first).

  • Medalist North #1 (Indian Creek GC) – 10:00AM both days
  • Medalist North #2 (Waterview GC) – 10:30AM on Saturday, 12:00PM on Sunday
  • Medalist North #3 (The Bridges GC) – 12:00PM both days
  • Medalist Hill Country #1 (Frio Valley Ranch) – 10:00AM both days
  • Medalist Hill Country #2 (Lighthouse CC) – 10:30AM both days
  • Medalist Hill Country #3 (Ladybird Johnson) – 11:00AM both days
  • Medalist Gulf Coast #1 (Panorama GC) – 10:30AM both days
  • Medalist Gulf Coast #2 (Quail Valley GC) – 10:30AM both days
  • Medalist Gulf Coast #3 (Atascocita GC) – 10:30AM both days

Note: Should there be any changed to starting times, players entered into the tournament and this information will be notified and updated.

Policies & Procedures
To ensure that competitors have the best possible experiences when competing in the championships, it is helpful to be knowledgeable of Texas Golf Association (TGA) Policies and Procedures, Terms of Competition and Local Rules (Hard Card), as established by the association. For more information, please click here. For information specific to the Terms of Competition applicable to the TGA Medalist Series, please see below:
Skins Eligibility: To remain eligible, players entered into the optional skins game must complete their respective round and post a score. Players who No Card or Withdraw from the event forfeit all possible skins earnings. If you are entering or currently playing collegiate golf, to avoid possible NCAA violations, we ask you not to participate.
Ties: Should there be a tie for the overall champion, there will be a sudden death hole-by-hole playoff to determine the winner immediately after all scores have been verified. If circumstances arise (i.e. darkness, weather, etc.) that do not allow for a playoff to take place, then co-champions will be named and merchandise awards will be split. In case of a tie, that position will receive the full points (i.e. two players tie for second place will both receive full allotment for second place). Medalist POY points are only awarded to players competing in the Open Division.
Caddies: Caddies are permitted during the championship. Players are responsible for supplying their own caddie for the competition. Caddies must abide by the host facility dress code.

TGA Cart Policy: Information regarding the use and availability of transportation varies between TGA Championships – refer to the Tournament Information for the championship in question. Please be advised that in championships where carts are provided, players are encouraged to utilize motorized transportation. In doing so, carts will be limited to two (2) carts per group. New to 2020: While a caddie is not prohibited from riding in the cart, the TGA has adopted a ‘one-seat’ policy as explained below.
‘One-Seat’ Policy
The ‘One-Seat’ policy allows either the player or the player’s caddie to ride in or move a golf cart, but not at the same time. The player and the player’s caddie are not allowed to ride in the same or separate carts at the same time.

The player can ride in or move a golf cart with another player in it, so long as the player’s caddie is not riding in another cart at that time.
The player can ride in or move a golf cart with another player’s caddie in it, so long as the player whose caddie is in the cart is not riding in another cart at the same time. As a reminder, players are responsible for the actions of their caddie.
Continued intentional disregard for the policy may result in disqualification following adequate warnings:

  • First breach: Verbal reminder from the Committee
  • Second breach: Stern reminder from the Committee
  • Third breach: Possible disqualification from the Committee

TGA Medical Cart Request: Policy Spectator carts are prohibited. However, spectators in accordance of ADA compliance may request golf carts. Requests for golf carts must be supported by complete documentation, including the fully-completed Cart Request Form and the required accompanying medical documentation specified in that form for all first-time requests. Any medical cart request that is granted by the TGA will be good for that individual for the remainder of that calendar season. A request will not be deemed complete until all required information and documentation has been provided. For further information and details contact Senior Tournament Director – Chris Untiedt.

Score Posting: At the conclusion of each round, player’s scores will be automatically posted to the World Handicap System. Please do not enter your own scores from the competitive rounds, as this will result in a double post.