Texas Cup Invitational

Tempest Golf Club
March 13-15, 2023

Tournament Information 
Date: March 13-15, 2023 
Host Club: Tempest Golf Club 
LJT Staff Contact: Tournament Manager - Adam Schulte 

Entry & Eligibility Information
Entries Open: Wednesday, December 14, 2022 at 9:00 AM 
Entries Close: Wednesday, March 1, 2023 at 5:00 PM 

Entry Fee: $340

Eligibility: Players must have a current membership with a member of the Texas Junior Golf Alliance. Players can renew or sign up with the Northern Texas PGA or the Southern Texas PGA membership to be eligible.

Entry Procedure: Players will be added to the field according to the Exemption Based Entry procedures immediately following the close of registration. For more information on the exemption based entry procedures, please check the LJT Eligibility & Entry Procedures.

Championship Information

Format/Field Size: Play will be contested over 54 holes of Stroke Play. The field is limited to 84 players.

Divisions: Boys 12-18

Cancellation/Withdrawal Policy: The cancellation deadline is 10 days prior to the tournament start date. For refund details please check the LJT Championship Policies.

Caddies: Caddies will be permitted for the event. Parents or Legal Guardians are prohibited from caddying.

Spectator Carts: Spectator carts are allowed and can be rented from the club. Spectators that rent carts must follow LJT Spectator Policy when operating the cart. 

For complete championship information, click here.

Schedule of Events

Wednesday, December 14
9:00 AM - Registration Opens

Wednesday, March 1
5:00 PM - Registration Closes

Thursday, March 2
10:00 AM - Tournament Field Finalized

Sunday, March 5
10:00 AM - Players May Contact Club for Practice Round

Friday, March 10
3:00 PM - First & Second Round Pairings Released

Sunday, March 12
12:00 PM - 3:00 PM - Official Practice Rounds

Monday, March 13
8:15 AM - 12:15 PM - Round 1 Begins (#1 Tee)
12:00 PM - 3:00 PM - Player Lunch

Tuesday, March 14
8:15 AM - 12:15 PM - Round 2 Begins (#1 Tee)
12:00 PM - 3:00 PM - Player Lunch
4:00 PM - Pairings Made for Final Round

Wednesday, March 15
8:15 AM - 12:15 PM - Round 3 Begins (#1 Tee)
12:00 PM - 3:00 PM - Player Lunch

2023 Texas Cup Invitational Exemptions

a) Past Champions: 

  • Connor Henry 

b) Top 10 – 2022 Texas Cup Invitational: 

  • Parker Sands, Brooks Harper, Chandler Cooke, Elijah Galvan, David Martinez, Austin Le, Davis Ovard, Tyler Blackwell, Luke Colton

c) Top 10 – 2022 Veritex Bank Byron Nelson Junior Championship: 

  • Preston Stout, Henry Guan, Andrew Petruzzelli, Noah McWilliams, Thomas Curry, Gaven Lane, Rhett O'Rear 

d) Top 10 – 2022 Texas Junior Amateur: 

  • Jaivir Pande, Colin Leonard, Ben Delarosa, Michael Chevalier  

e) Top 5 – 2022 George Hannon Junior Invitational: 

  • Mitchell Maier, Daniel Macias, Jackson Funkhouser, Andrew Tucker, Finn Burkholder 

f) Top 5 – 2022 Bluebonnet Championship: 

  • Grant Yerger, Trenton Mierl, Matthew Foster

g) Top 5 – 2022 Texas Junior Golf Alliance Invitational: 

  • Ryan Shellberg, Matt Pawly, Eli Walker Campbell, Aidan Dortch, Phoenix Guerra 

h) Top 5 – 2022 Collegiate Preview: 

  • Reese Roberts, Connor Smith, Jonathan Kim, Ethan Dufresne, Jacob Cole 

i) Top 3 – 2023 Winter Classic: 

  • Charlie Wylie 

j) Top 3 – 2023 Jimmy Demaret Junior Classic: 

  • Jaxon Bandelier, Nathan Marion 

k) Top 3 – 2023 Spring Preview: 

  • Shaunak Nair 

l) 2022 LJT Tournament Champions Post '22 Texas Cup Invitational: 

  • Sterling Hurd, Ethan Law, Corbin Null, Luke Harper

m) 2022 Boys 14 & Under Player of the Year: 

  • Jack Clancy

n) 2022 Texas Junior Amateur Boys 14 & Under Champion: N/A

o) 2022 George Hannon Junior Invitational Boys 14 & Under Champion: N/A

p) 2022 Texas Junior Golf Alliance Invitational Boys 14 & Under Champion: 

  • Ryan Woo-Jin Lee

q) Top 5 – 2023 Junior Golf Scoreboard Class as of December 14, 2022 (TX Only): 

  • Aaron Pounds, Ethan Fang, Jack Usner, Thomas Morrison

r) Top 5 – 2024 Junior Golf Scoreboard Class as of December 14, 2022 (TX Only):  

  • Byungho Lee, Bowen Ballis, Daniel Zou

s) Top 5 – 2025 Junior Golf Scoreboard Class as of December 14, 2022 (TX Only):  

  • Adam Villanueva, Brooks Simmons, Nathan Miller 

t) NTPGA: 

  • Gage Doyle, Barrett Wisener, Robert Boyce, Charlie Simmons, Jack Hollingsed, Charles Nelson, Max Chan, Austin Hofferkamp 

u) STPGA: 

  • Matthew VanHoy, John Solis, Charlie Wylie, Kyle Doolittle, Aiden Wright, Joah Bramwell, Bradley O'Donnell, Skye Fischer, James Devore, Reese Tortone, Shiv Parmar 

v) Host Club Exemptions:

  • Jett Surratt 

w) Committee Selected International Players: 

  • TBD

The LJT reserves the right to select players to be in the field.  Exempt players must enter by the published deadline or they will lose their spot in the field.