Texas Girls’ Invitational

Victoria Country Club
February 18-20, 2023

General Information
Date: February 18-20, 2023 
Host Club: Victoria Country Club 
LJT Staff Contact: Tournament Coordinator - Katie O'Connell

Entry & Eligibility Information 
Entries Open: Wednesday, December 14, 2022 at 9:00 AM
Entries Close: Wednesday, February 8, 2023 at 5:00 PM 

Entry Fee: $340

Eligibility: Players must have a current membership with a member of the Texas Junior Golf Alliance. Players can renew or sign up with the Northern Texas PGA or the Southern Texas PGA membership to be eligible.

Entry Procedure: Players will be added to the field according to the Exemption Based Entry procedures immediately following the close of registration. For more information on the exemption based entry procedures, please check the LJT Eligibility & Entry Procedures.

Championship Information 

Format/Field Size: Play will be contested over 54 holes of Stroke Play. The field is limited to 72 players. 

Divisions: Girls 12-18

Practice Round Information: Each player is allowed one (1)  practice round at Victoria Country Club on Friday, February 17 for the discounted rate of $25.00 walking. Players may begin contacting the host club on Friday, February 10 to schedule a practice round. 

Starting Times/Pairings Information: Starting times/pairings for the first and second round will be made no later than Wednesday, February 15. Pairings will be listed online on the tournament homepage. Final round starting times/pairings will be available in the evening preceding play (approximately one hour after the completion of play). Final round starting times/pairings will be re-drawn based on total score following the previous round of play.

Cancellation/Withdrawal Procedure: Players may withdraw themselves from the field and receive a refund up until 10 days before the first round. If you need to withdraw, please contact the Tournament Director and they will instruct you on how to complete the WD. For full refund details, please reference the LJT Competition Policies.

For complete championship information, click here.

Schedule of Events

Wednesday, December 14
9:00 AM - Registration Opens

Wednesday, February 8
5:00 PM - Registration Closes

Thursday, February 9
10:00 AM - Tournament Field Finalized

Friday, February 10
10:00 AM - Players May Contact Club for Practice Round

Wednesday, February 15
3:00 PM - First & Second Round Pairings Released

Friday, February 17
11:00 AM - 3:00 PM - Player Registration
12:30 PM - 3:00 PM - Official Practice Rounds

Saturday, February 18
8:00 AM - 10:00 AM - Round 1 Tee Times off No. 1 & 10
12:00 PM - Player Lunch

Sunday, February 19
8:00 AM - 10:00 AM - Round 2 Tee Times off No. 1 & 10
12:00 PM - Player Lunch
4:00 PM - Pairings Made for Final Round

Monday, February 20
8:00 AM - 10:00 AM - Round 3 Tee Times off No. 1 & 10
12:00 PM - Player Lunch & Awards

2023 Texas Girls' Invitational Exemptions

Provided players are otherwise eligible, exemptions are given to the following:

a) Past Champion: 

  • Farah O'Keefe 

b) Top 10 – 2022 Texas Girls’ Invitational: 

  • Ashleen Kaur, Maye Huang, Darrelyn Webster, Kate Bennett, Bella Flores, Sidney Robertson, Jenna Madden, Dresden Bounds 

c) Top 10 – 2022 Texas Junior Amateur: 

  • Kate Pickrell, Julia Vollmer, Marissa Loya, Sayers Allen, Maelynn Kim, Morgan Ankenbrandt, Kenna Lee

d) Top 5 – 2022 George Hannon Junior Invitational: 

  • Mimi Burton, Kendace Lee, Camille Pazouki 

e) Top 5 – 2022 Bluebonnet Championship: 

  • Lindsay Lee, Jiyu Han, Sydney Givens 

f) Top 3 – 2022 Collegiate Preview: 

  • Diane Guercio 

g) Top 5 – 2022 Texas Junior Golf Alliance Invitational: 

  • Chiara Brambrilla, Claire Wan, Adrienne Ahn, Evyn Canon, Jasmine Do 

h) Top 3 – 2023 Winter Classic: 

  • Jordyn Arts, Summer Lee, Dresden Bounds

i) Top 3 – 2023 Jimmy Demaret Junior Classic: 

  • Leya Glazer, Lydia Portlock

j) 2022 LJT Tournament Champions: 

  • Ashley Kim, Brook Frerichs, Emma Von Hoffmann, Presley Bolado 

k) 2022 Texas Junior Amateur Girls 14 & Under Champion: 

  • Emily Zhang 

l) Top 10 – 2023 Junior Golf Scoreboard Class as of December 14, 2022 (TX Only): 

  • Sky Sudberry, Ashleen Kaur, Maelynn Kim, Maggie Ni, Darrelyn Webster, Kirstin Angosta 

m) Top 10 – 2024 Junior Golf Scoreboard Class as of December 14, 2022 (TX Only): 

  • Summer Lee, Veronika Exposito, Jasmine Do, Bella Flores, Emma Thompson, Jordyn Arts, Marissa Loya 

n) Top 5 – 2025 Junior Golf Scoreboard Class as of December 14, 2022 (TX Only): 

  • Maye Huang, Avery Zweig, Lindsay Lee, Sayers Allen 

o) NTPGA: 

  • Anika Singh, Alicia Bellendir, Kaylee Yuan, Landry Saylor, Alexandra Hileman, Megan Lee, Eileen Lee, Lindsay Li, Anika Singh, Adrienne Ahn

p) STPGA: 

  • Dresden Bounds, Audrey Rosen, Jamison Louie, Addison Surber, Bre Hoese, Mary Kerr, Alyssa Esparza, Joann Bee, Bomyeong Lee, MaKenzie Minshew, Carly Marshall

q) Host Club Exemptions: 

  • Harper Edwards

r) Out of State:

  • TBD

For past results, click here.

The LJT reserves the right to select players to be in the field. Exempt players must enter by the published exemption deadline, or they will lose their spot in the field.