95th West Texas Amateur

Diamondback Golf Club

July 21-23, 2023

Tournament Information 
Date: July 21-23, 2023
Host Club: Diamondback Golf Club 
TGA Staff Contact: Tournament Coordinator - Owen Kinney 

Entry & Eligibility Information
Entries Open: May 24, 2023 at 9:00 AM
Entries Close: July 14, 2023 at 5:00 PM
Exempt Deadline: June 14, 2023 at 5:00 PM

Entry Fee: $290

Eligibility: Entries are open to male amateur golfers who reside in the northern and southern regions of the state of Texas who have a WHS Handicap Index of 10.0 or less. To be eligible for the Senior Division, golfers must be age 55 or older as of the first round of tournament play. To be eligible for the Super Senior Division, golfers must be age 65 or older as of the first round of tournament play. Please reference TGA Competition Policies for further details, including Policies and Procedures, and Terms of Competition.

Entry Procedure: The field will be established in the order in which entries are received with a priority for exempt players in each division until the published exemption deadline of Wednesday, June 14 at 5:00 PM. Once the exemption deadline has passed, and if the field or a division is not full, the TGA will fill the remaining spots in the field with waitlisted entries, which may affect the size of each division. For additional information regarding the wait list and when the number of applicants exceeds the field capacity, please refer to the  TGA Competition Policies

Waitlist Procedure/Priority: When a spot becomes available in the championship field, the TGA will fill that spot with the top ranked waitlisted player in the division respective to the withdraw. Once all waitlisted players in a specific division have been exhausted, the TGA will then fill the spot in the field with the highest ranked waitlisted player, regardless of division. For example: If a player from the Senior Division withdraws, the highest ranked Senior Division player on the waitlist will be contacted to fill that spot. If there are no remaining Senior Division players on the waitlist, the highest overall waitlisted player will be contacted. This could be a Championship Division or Super Senior Division player.

The TGA reserves the right to select players to be in the field.  For exemption request details, please view TGA Competition Policies . Exempt players must enter by the published deadline or they will lose their exempt status and spot in the final field. 

Championship Information

Format/Field Size and Cut: The championship will be contested over 54 holes of stroke play with three (3) divisions; Championship, Senior and Super Senior. Each division will play from separate tees/yardages and separate champions will be recognized in each division. 

At the conclusion of 36 holes the field will be cut to the low 72 players (and ties), with a pro-rated representation from each division. The pro-rated allocation of players making the cut from each division will be reflective of the number of players in each division, relative to the total field size. The determination of total field size, number of players in each division and pro-rated representation of players making the cut (before ties) will be announced in conjunction with pairings being posted.

The field is limited to 144, as outlined below:

  • Championship - Open (84 players)
  • Senior - 55 & older (42 players)
  • Super Senior - 65 & older (18 players)

For complete championship information, click here.

Schedule of Events

Wednesday, May 24 
9:00 AM - Entries Open

Wednesday, July 14
5:00 PM - Entries Close/Exempt Deadline

Thursday, July 20
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM - Practice Rounds
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM - Player Registration

Friday, July 21 
7:30 AM - Round 1: Morning Wave Begins (#1 & #10 Tees) 
12:30 PM - Round 1: Afternoon Wave Begins (#1 & #10 Tees) 

Saturday, July 22
7:30 AM - Round 2: Morning Wave Begins (#1 & #10 Tees)
12:30 PM - Round 2: Afternoon Wave Begins (#1 & #10 Tees)
Following Play - Field cut to the low 72 players (and ties)

Sunday, July 23
7:30 AM - Final Round Begins (#1 & #10 Tees)
Following Play - Awards Presentation

Provided players are otherwise eligible, exemptions are given to the following:

a) Top five (5) finishers and ties in current year’s North & South Mid-Amateur

  • North - C.J. Brock, Brock Mulder, Kendrick Vinar, Ryan Zamorano, Joe Seth Murphy 
  • South - Logan Thomason, Logan Boatner, John Hunter, Juan Salcedo Signoret, Otto Iskandar

b) Top five (5) finishers and ties in previous year’s North & South Amateur

  • North - Jason Schultz, Joe Seth Murphy, Kevin Doskocil, Adam Valickus, Sam Sewell, Clayton Smith, Christopher Wheeler
  • South - Brian Comegys, David Harrison, Holden Hamilton, Christian Barber, Joseph R Mathis

c) Last five (5) West Texas Amateur Champions

  • Casey Carnes ('22), Garrett Leek ('21), J.T. Pittman ('20), Jackson Markham ('19), David Bolen ('18) 

d) Last five (5) West Texas Amateur Senior Division Champions

  • Kelly Eng ('22), Mike Booker ('21), Lewis Stephenson ('20), Chuck Palmer ('19), Ralph Ellis ('18) 

e) Last five (5) West Texas Amateur Super Senior Division Champions 

  • Mike Peck ('22), Craig Urban ('21), Doug Hopton-Jones ('20), Doug Hopton-Jones ('19), Ed Brooks ('18)

f) Top ten (10) finishers and ties in previous year’s West Texas Amateur 

  • Casey Carnes, Nolan Otto, Josh Pasco, Justin Thompson, Jake Leatherwood, Christopher Wheeler, Bryant Hiskey, Logan Diomede, J.T. Pittman, Dan Depasquale

g) Top five (5) finishers and ties in previous year’s West Texas Amateur Senior Division 

  • Kelly Eng, Joe Sconiers, Mike Booker, Lewis Stephenson, Jeff Ray, Terry Rice, Rick Houston

h) Top three (5) finishers and ties in previous year’s West Texas Amateur Super Senior Division 

  • Mike Peck, Lelan Chiles, Michael Puls, Bobby Haney, Mickey Jones, Doug Hopton-Jones

i) Three (3) Host Club exemptions

  • TBD