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Texas Golf Association, Since 1906

About the TGA Medalist Series

The TGA Medalist Series was introduced in the 2007 tournament season as a means for members of the Texas Golf Association to kick start their tournament season. Whether you're a seasoned competitive golfer or a new to the game with an itch to test your skills against fellow golf enthusiasts, the TGA Medalist provides a chance for players to play with a laidback feel

Offering multiple events in both North Texas and the Hill Country areas, the TGA Medalist Series provides ample opportunities for our amateur golfers to shake off the winter rust and get back into the swing of tourmaments without jumping straight into regional or state championships.

As TGA Medalist Series have the intention of having a laidback feeling with minimal tournament operations set-up, the following is a list of potential items to not expect during your time playing:
  • No TGA Staff and Referee's on-site
  • No Operation setup (Signage, Tents, Tables, Feather Banners, etc.);
  • No Hole Location Sheets;
  • No bottled water on 1st/10th tee (See pro shop for F&B and/or on-course beverage cart);
However, the following is a list of what TO EXPECT during your time playing:
  • Tournament Scorecards provided each round;
  • Tournament Cart Signs (carts provided with tournament entry fee);
  • Practice tee range balls (provided with tournament entry fee);
  • Optional Skins Game (see Format below);
  • Fun and enjoyable experience;
  • Chance to meet other great people; and
  • Great competition 
All players who maintain an active GHIN Handicap through a TGA member club are eligible to compete in TGA Medalist Series Events. There are no regional restrictions (found in North and South Regional events); members can play in either the North or Hill Country Series. Players needing a GHIN Handicap who are not members of a TGA Member Club can join the Medalist Golf Club (managed by the TGA online) by clicking here.

Each TGA Medalist Event will be individual 36-hole stroke play competitions with no cut. Each event will have an Open and Senior Division. Senior Division requires the player to age of 55 or older by the first round of the tournament. Each division will play from a seperate yardage throughout the tournament rounds. Seperate Champions will be crowned for each division as well.

The TGA Medalist also offers players a chance to participate in an optional skins game for each round. Open and Senior Division players will compete in the same pool for a chance at the available pot. 100% of entries are paid out. 

Online entries will be accepted and available on the TGA Competitions Calendar of the TGA website beginning in the first week of the year (for all TGA Medalist Series events). The TGA accepts credit card payment from VISA or Master Card only. To register, click here.

2019 TGA Medalist Schedule
Medalist North
  1. February 9-10 - The Courses at Watters Creek - Plano, TX
  2. March 2-3 - Thorntree Golf Club - DeSoto, TX
  3. April 27-28 - Sherill Park Golf Course - Richardson, TX
Medalist Hill Country
  1. February 16-17 - The Club at Comanche Trace (Hills-Creeks) - Kerrville, TX
  2. March 9-10 - Grey Rock Golf Club - Austin, TX
  3. April 6-7 - Vaaler Creek Golf Club - Blanco, TX
Earned Exemptions
For each event players play, they will earn Medalist Player of the Year points based on their overall finish. There will be one (1) Medalist Hill Country POY and one (1) Medalist North POY. Medalist POY points are only available to players participating in the Open Division. Earning POY points will only count for that respective series the points were earned (i.e. playing in the Medalist North #1 will only count towards the Medalist North POY standings - not Hill Country).

Provided players are otherwise eligible, earned exemptions and their qualifications are given out into the following tournaments:
  1. Texas Mid-Amateur Championship - The Medalist Player of the Year in both the North and Hill Country Series receive exemptions into the 2019 Texas Mid-Amateur Championship at Maridoe Golf Club in Carrollton, TX on September 13-15.
  2. North Mid-Amateur - Top five (5) players on previous year's Medalist North points list;
  3. South Mid-Amateur - Top five (5) players on previous year's Medalist Hill Country points list;
  4. North Amateur - Top five (5) players on current year's Medalist North points list;
  5. South Amateur - Top five (5) players on current year's Medalist Hill Country points list;
Points Breakdown: points are awarded based on the final finishing position in the respective event. All ties, other than first place, which is determined by a sudden death playoff, will receive that positions full points (i.e. two players tie for second place will both receieve the full allotment for second place).
TGA Medalist Series Point Value Table
1) 500 10) 130 19) 40
2) 350 11) 120 20) 30
3) 250 12) 110 21) 25
4) 200 13) 100 22) 20
5) 175 14) 90 23) 15
6) 170 15) 80 24) 10
7) 160 16) 70 25) 5
8) 150 17) 60  
9) 140 18) 50  

To view the TGA Medalist North Player of the Year standings, click here
To view the TGA Medalist Hill Country Player of the Year standings, click here

TGA Medalist Series
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