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Agatha Lee - West Texas legend

West Texas has certainly seen its fair share of great women golfers.  One of the trailblazers was Agatha Lee.  A late arrival to golf, Lee took up the game at the urging of her husband.  She would become frustrated when he practiced until dark and decided to take up the game to see what could possibly occupy his attention past dinner.  In an interview with Ray Sanchez, Lee recalled the early days of golf in El Paso.  “That was in 1932”, she recalls.  “We would practice at Washington Park.  One thing I remember about practicing there is that there were usually some baseball games going on.  We would hit balls over the heads of the players with 3-irons.”

The precision demanded by those practice sessions quickly paid dividends and led to a Hall of Fame career.  Lee would go on to win the El Paso Country Club Championship 18 times.  Before there was an El Paso City Championship, she played in a regional tournament sponsored by a Dry Goods store.  She won that event eight times before it was replaced by the El Paso City Championship – which she then won seven times.  She played in the 1951 WTGA State Amateur and reached the quarterfinals at Lubbock Country Club.

To complete her West Texas pedigree, Lee claimed two Women’s Southwestern Amateur titles and the Women’s West Texas Amateur Championship.  She continued her dominance after reaching the “senior” amateur ranks.  She won the Texas Women’s Senior Championship in seven consecutive years (1959-1965), earned medalist honors at the U.S. Senior Women’s Amateur Championship and won the Broadmoor Senior Division.

In 1983, Lee joined Lee Trevino and others as an inaugural member of the El Paso Golf Hall of Fame.  According to Sanchez, one of West Texas Sport's greatest chroniclers, “She is without doubt the greatest amateur woman to ever swing a golf club in El Paso.  She was a grand lady”.

The Women’s Senior Stroke Play returns to West Texas this weekend.  Play begins Sunday, October 2 at Amarillo Country Club.  Click here to follow the action.

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Special thanks to Thomas Forbes and Ray Sanchez.  Mr. Sanchez in the author of several books and articles about West Texas Sports including El Paso’s Greatest Sports Heroes I Have Known, from which much of the above is taken.
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