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Alli Jarrett - Champion for Women and Junior golf

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Alli Jarrett - Champion for Women and Junior golf

2015 Spirit International Team USA Captains - Alli Jarrett and TGA Executive Director Rob Addington

Alli Jarrett was born in South Carolina and took up golf in college although her father tried to get her interested in the sport as a child.  After a knee injury sidelined her from basketball, she “went to the driving range one day...once I hit a solid shot I fell in love with the challenge and the feeling of a well struck ball.”  After a year of daily practice, she walked on to the South Carolina golf team and earned a scholarship for her last two years.  While in South Carolina she competed in the Women’s Carolina’s Golf Association Championship where an encounter with Sarah Ford Rijswijk made a lasting impression on her.  Jarrett was among the youngest players in the field and Rijswijk, about 25 years her senior, told her as they walked to the first tee, “Don’t let these old biddies intimidate you.”  Looking back, she believes that comment from a member of one of golf’s great families pushed her to make junior golf more accessible.  As a start, she became the first Junior Golf Chair in South Carolina as served as the President of the WSGCA.

Jarrett moved to Texas in 1999 after taking a job with the USGA and became involved in the WTGA State Amateur as an official.  She qualified for the 1998 and 2006 U.S. Women's Mis-Amateur Championship and has competed in multiple WTGA Championships including a victory at the 2005 Partnership with Sis Singletary.  Jarrett considers her greatest golfing accomplishment to be providing opportunities for others to play.  She spent 15 years with the USGA including a 5-year stint leading the U.S. Girls' Junior Championship.  She was the first woman to ever Chair a Men’s National Championship when she directed the U.S. Mid-Amateur Championship, and was instrumental in deepening the USGA’s involvement in the LPGA / USGA Girls Golf Program that is thriving today.

In Texas, Jarrett’s impact is felt in every element of women’s golf.  Her encouragement, prodding and support of the WTGA helped build a vision that was ambitious and inclusive.  “I became passionate about trying to unite golfers in Texas and to get women to dream bigger and realize they could have more.”

After traveling at least 100 nights per year with the USGA, Jarrett decided to start a new adventure and opened Harold’s, a multi-concept restaurant in the Heights in Houston.  “Owning your own business is not for the faint of heart,” she confesses, but as her previous work would suggest, she has relentlessly pursued this new dream and turned it into something special.  Harold’s is ranked among the Houston Chronicle’s Top 100 restaurants and Jarrett works daily to ensure her guests experience the warmth and hospitality that is Alli’s defining characteristic.

“I love what the game stands for”, she says.  “It is the only game where you sign your name for your score.”  Much like a golfer, at the end of a day, a restauranteur has to look back and assess the results of the day’s work.  As you watch Alli talk through a restaurant full of patrons, almost all of whom know her by name and are frequent visitors, you can imagine her gladly signing this scorecard.

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