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Anna Schultz Texas Golf Hall of Fame

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Anna Schultz - Texas Golf Hall of Fame

Although Anna Schultz didn’t get serious about golf until her adulthood, she has sure made up for lost time!  She was introduced to the game as a 13 year old, but only played in her first tournament, the Dallas Athletic Club Championship, at age 28.  Although she lost in the early rounds in her first attempt, she eventually won the title nine times.  She played in her first national championship when the USGA Women’s Mid-Amateur made a stop in Texas at Champions Golf Club.  She won her qualifier and advanced to match play in her first attempt.  She claims that she “became totally addicted to golf from that experience!”
This first venture into national golf competition proved to be only the start of a very successful career.  Schultz is a back to back winner of the Women’s Southern Golf Association Senior Championship (2006-2007) and a two-time USGA finalist.  Her greatest golfing accomplishment came in 2007 when she won the USGA Senior Women’s Amateur Championship.  After twice losing in the final match of a USGA championship, Schultz recalled the comment from dear friend and all-time Texas great, Toni Wiesner.  She encouraged Schultz by remarking that “no one remembers who gets second.”
Schultz is a mainstay in Texas amateur competition.  She has won titles at the Women’s Senior Stroke Play Championship and Women’s Eclectic (3 times), and has won the Women’s Four-Ball championship twice with her best friend Jewell Malick.  Anna was inducted into the Texas Golf Hall of Fame in 2013, although that was never in her mind when she began competing.  She states, “That never was on the radar. I just wanted to compete and have fun with my family and friends. I look forward to playing with my grandchildren down the road!!”

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Something is missing from this picture! Is this the year to capture the WTGA Women's State Amateur Championship? Why not get it off your Bucket List and onto your resume? Good luck in 2016!
Posted by Molly A Price on March 7, 2016 @ 12:21 pm

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