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Donna Brady

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Donna Brady - Breaking 100 Campaign Leader

Donna Brady didn’t start her life of golf in Texas, but she has made up for lost time.  While balancing a successful corporate career, Donna and her husband Jim were avid golfers in Northern California.  After her retirement, however, Donna dedicated herself to learning the game and quickly improved.  She was a Director for the Women’s Golf Association of Northern California and also served as Tournament Director for the organization.
Since moving to Texas more than 10 years ago, Brady has become a leading force in Texas golf.  She has served as a Director of the Women’s Texas Golf Association and is currently a member of the WTGA Committee.  She is a leader for effectively every golf organization in San Antonio, serving as Chair of the Board for Golf San Antonio, Rules Chair for San Antonio Women’s Golf Association, and Vice President of the Texas Senior Women’s Association.  She has also been a member of the USGA Girls Junior Championship Committee for the last seven years.
Donna generously gives her time and talents to the game of golf because she has received so much from her experience playing the game.  She says, “I strongly and frequently profess how much I love playing the game of golf and, more importantly, enjoy the great people I’ve met.”  She is one of five players who will play 100 Holes of Women’s Competition on behalf of the Breaking 100 campaign.  Donna is raising funds and awareness to support opportunities for women and girls to connect to the game.  Click here to learn more about Donna and keep up with her success this year.
100 Texas Women is a blog with each post featuring a different notable woman from the history of Texas golf.  You can honor these women and invest in the next 100 years of women's golf by contributing to the Breaking 100 campaign.  All proceeds benefit the TGA Foundations' Women's Initiatives.  Learn more and support the campaign here.
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