Texas Golf Association, Since 1906
Texas Golf Association, Since 1906

GHIN Benefits

GHIN Benefits


GHIN – Golf Handicap and Information Network, the finest in handicapping services. GHIN supports the Texas Golf Association and its mission in promoting amateur golf in our state. Become a part of the most widely recognized and credible service in the United States and enjoy the following benefits and advantages:

For Clubs

  • NATIONAL NETWORK – Utilizing GHIN gives your club and its members access to more than 14,000 clubs with more than 2.3 million golfers. Your club can inquire at any time to obtain the most current USGA Handicap Index® for any golfer in the network.

  • CONVENIENCE – Your members can post their scores at any GHIN club in the nation and scores will be promptly routed back to their TGA home club. In addition, the TGA subscribes to the International Golf Network (IGN). Through IGN, GHIN is able to retrieve scores posted by non-GHIN golf associations and route those scores back to their home TGA club(s).

  • ACCURATE – The GHIN service follows the rules of the USGA Handicap System, and the requirements for golf associations and licensed golf clubs to issue USGA Handicap Indexes®.

  • CONSISTENCY – All Handicap Indexes® are calculated using exactly the same formulas, and handicap revisions occur simultaneously for all clubs throughout the state.

  • STABILITY – The GHIN service is a product of the USGA, which was formed in 1894 as the centralizing body for golf. The USGA Handicap System celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2011. The TGA has been in existence since 1906. There is no question that the USGA, GHIN, and the TGA will be around in the future.

  • DEVELOPMENT – The GHIN service invests significant resources every year in creating new features and technology requested by participating clubs and golf associations. Participating golf associations nationwide meet annually at the GHIN Users’ Meeting to provide recommendations and advice regarding the service.

  • FLEXIBILITY – The TGA works with your club to set up and configure GHIN however it will work best for your club and its members. The GHP service offers custom member score posting –choose how you want to display information, scores, output data, and much more.

  • MANAGEMENT – The Tournament Pairing Program (TPP) is included FREE with GHIN, and helps club staff to professionally manage club events and tournaments. Create pairings, flights, teams, print cart signs, scorecards and more.

  • PROTECTION – All of your member scores are saved on the GHIN Server, acting as an automatic backup to the data on your club’s PC, so that none of your data will be lost.

  • SERVICE – The TGA will help your club plan for GHIN start-up and stand by your Handicap Committee through seminars and workshops on GHIN, as well as on handicapping procedures in general.

  • TECHNICAL SUPPORT – FREE for all software in the GHIN suite of products. Remote access support via LogMeIn Rescue.

  • UPGRADES – All software upgrades are free of charge.

  • CONTROL – The GHP software provides reports and monitoring tools to oversee members’ posting and their resulting Handicap Indexes®. The TGA similarly assists in handicap oversight of their member clubs. As a result, GHIN clubs can participate with confidence in interclub tournaments.

  • SAVINGS - USGA Course Rating is provided at a greatly reduced price for TGA member clubs using GHIN.

  • REVENUE - Member clubs are eligible to host TGA events, which can generate additional revenue for the club.

Clubs are actively supporting the USGA, TGA and the game of golf in Texas!

For Golfers

  • Internet Access – Review your scoring record anywhere the internet is available and post your own scores online (if permitted by your golf club) via GHIN.com or via GHIN's free mobile app. Track your own statistics online like total number of putts, sand saves, greens hit in regulation, and print out reports in pie charts, line graphs, table formats via eGolfer.

  • eRevisions – Get your recalculated handicap emailed straight to your Inbox on revision days.

  • Transfer Scores – Play anywhere, post, and have your scores effortlessly routed to your Home club.

  • Accuracy – Ensure you have proper handicaps with up-to-date course rating information from the national database.

  • Communications – Receive timely information about golf in Texas via Lone Star Golf, our free member electronic newsletter.

  • Competitions – Enjoy eligibility to compete in TGA competitions, including individual, team, gross, net and League Play events each year.

  • Discounts – Available on golf through the TGA Fun Golf programs.

Members are actively supporting the USGA, TGA and the game of golf in Texas!

If you have more questions about the services and opportunities that come with TGA Membership and GHIN, contact Mary Harrison, Senior Director of Handicapping and Membership Services for the TGA, at 214.468.8942 x. 152 or mharrison@txga.org today!

General Handicapping Questions: handicapping@txga.org

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