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Hilda Urbantke - 1940-41 WTGA President

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Hilda Urbantke - 1940-41 WTGA President

According to coverage of the 1927 WTGA State Amateur Championship, “There was only one pair of knickers!  Miss Hilda Urbantke of Austin was the single brave spirit who appeared Monday clad in chic linen knickers”.  Urbantke and her groundbreaking attire qualified in the 3rd flight and began almost twenty years of excellent play.  She was a multiple-time winner of the Austin City Championship, 6-time Club Champion at Austin Country Club and the 1952 Austin Women’s Golfer of the Year.

She first qualified for the Championship Flight in the WTGA State Amateur Championship in 1930, and didn’t again miss until 1950.  Despite this twenty-year stretch of championship performance, she never won the title, but reached the semi-finals multiple times ultimately losing to some of Texas’ greatest players like Betty Jameson, Peggy Chandler and Kay Pearson Keating.  Urbantke was among the founders of the Texas Women’s Senior Golf Association and won the inaugural Senior Amateur Title in 1955*.

Urbantke graduated with an Engineering degree from the University of Texas and worked for several engineering consulting firms in Austin and Fort Worth*.  In addition to her playing career, she also served as a Director and Officer for the Women’s Texas Golf Association.  She was the tournament director for the WTGA State Amateur in 1939 and served as the President of the WTGA in 1940 and 1941.

*Photo and information courtesy One Hundred Years of Champions and Change - The History of Austin Country Club, 1999, Frances Trimble

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