Texas Golf Association, Since 1906
Texas Golf Association, Since 1906
For more than 100 years, the Texas Golf Association has been growing the game of golf in Texas and working on behalf of clubs and golfers in our state.  No two clubs are alike and there are many different reasons to become a TGA Member Club.  Whether public or private, 9 or 18 holes (or more), and regardless of location, TGA products and services function to acheive the same critical goal.  A TGA Membership adds value to your club and enhances members' experiences.

Membership Benefits for Clubs

Member clubs gain valuable benefits through the Texas Golf Association and a well-established partner to work with to grow the game and your membership.  The following are a few of the benefits TGA Member Clubs enjoy.  Click here for complete details.

GHIN Handicapping System
The USGA handicap system helps golfers enjoy golf more by providing golfers of differing skill levels to compete fairly.  Getting a handicap through the TGA ensures that your club has access to the very latest technology, the largest database...READ MORE

USGA Tournament Management powered by Golf Genius
TGA members gain access to the USGA Tournament Management Club software powered by Golf Genius (“TM Club”) at no charge.  This NEW PRODUCT is a complete replacement for the Tournament Pairing Program (“TPP”) and provides...READ MORE

Service & Support
The TGA will help your club plan for GHIN start-up and stand by your Handicap Committee through seminars and workshops on GHIN, as well as on handicapping procedures in general.  Dedicated expert Technical Support...READ MORE

Hosting TGA activities
TGA Championships receive statewide attention among the game’s most avid players, and we only host these at TGA member clubs.  TGA Fun Golf programs are also only played at member clubs and help connect golfers...READ MORE

Consulting Services for Clubs

Added Value to Club Members
Members of your club get much more than a handicap when they join the TGA.  Members gain access to big discounts on hotels and flights through Affinity Travel Benefits.  TGA members also have access to...READ MORE

Discounted Course Rating Services
Utilizing regional teams of raters located throughout the state, the TGA rates both member club and non-member club courses in accordance with the USGA Course and Slope Rating System. Each year the TGA rates...READ MORE

The TGA represents the interests of its member clubs in national and international organizations.  TGA staff, directors and volunteers participate in leadership roles with the USGA, IAGA (International Association...READ MORE

TGA Communications
TGA member clubs receive TGA Fore Thoughts every month.  This publication includes information to help your club get the most out of what the TGA has to offer.  You will receive tips to optimize handicapping...READ MORE

The TGA hosts educational events throughout the state all year long.  We provide regular programming to help clubs comply with handicapping requirements and provide support to Handicap Committees.  Upon request...READ MORE

Member engagement and yield management (COMING SOON)
The TGA has partnered with “Find a Game” to bring innovative social networking technology to member engagement and yield management activities for clubs.  TGA member clubs get access to the subscription-based...READ MORE

Access to discounted consulting services (COMING SOON)
The TGA has partnered with industry leaders to bring expert consulting services to member clubs and preferred pricing.  From basic hospitality staff training to a complete management solution, TGA members have...READ MORE