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Karen Northcutt - Breaking 100 campaign leader

Karen Northcutt is one of the people you hear about who wasn’t born in Texas, but got here as soon as she could!  Her family moved to the Houston area from Mississippi when she was a child, and she’s never looked back.  After attending college at Texas Tech University, Karen and her husband moved back to The Woodlands and have been there for 30 years.

Golf is a relatively new endeavor for Karen.  She began running after college.  She said, “At first I could only run one block.  Then I could run two, and I kept going – it’s my competitive gene.”  Her commitment to improvement eventually led her to run in seven marathons and three ultra-marathons (50K).  She even qualified for the Boston marathon.  Unfortunately, while training for it she broke her ankle and could not participate.  She says she was never really able to completely get over that injury and it was this setback that led her to golf.  While she has not been able to return to her competitive running form, she continues to push herself in athletic and endurance challenges.  Later this year, she will be climbing to the peak of Mt. Kilamanjaro with her youngest daughter!

Her “competitive gene” has also served her well in her golf career.  After playing seriously for only a few years, she entered her first WTGA State Amateur Championship in 2011.  She had gotten her handicap down to single digits (her proudest accomplishment to date) and was surprised to discover just how many great players turned up at Walden on Lake Conroe for the championship.  During the championship, she met Jacque Cooper who she says “kind of adopted me.  She showed me the ropes and introduced me to the other players”.  The experience made an impression.  “I got to see great players playing pure golf – no handicaps, nothing fancy, just go out and try to score your best.  It really inspired me to work harder.”

Karen is also committed to giving back to the game.  She has served on the Board of The Woodlands Women’s Association and currently serves on South Texas Ladies Amateur Golf Association Board.  She is also one of five players who will play 100 Holes of Women’s Competition on behalf of the Breaking 100 campaign.  Karen is raising funds and awareness to support opportunities for women and girls to connect to the game.  Click here to learn more about Karen and keep up with her success this year.

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