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Texas Golf Association, Since 1906

Kay Pearson Keating - Held WTGA Trophy for 7 Consecutive years

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Kay Pearson Keating - Held WTGA Trophy for 7 Consecutive years

Aniela Goldthwaite (L), Rolly Riley, and Kay Keating (R)

In the 100 years since the tournament’s founding, the WTGA State Amateur Championship has been interrupted by to two World Wars.  The championship was not played in 1918, and again between 1942-1946.  By winning the 1941 title and defending her crown six years later in 1947, Pearson possessed the trophy for seven years.  She nearly had it for eight, losing in the final match to future LPGA co-founder Bettye Danoff in 1948.  She also won four Houston City Golf Championships, claiming the title in 1938, 1939, 1940 and 1946 after taking a break to work in the Hughes Tool Company during the war years. 
Much like Leslie Henry, current WTGA Committee Chair and the previous entry in this blog, Keating’s first competitive athletic endeavor was tennis.  She was the top-ranked tennis player in Texas in 1938, and won both the Houston Tennis and Golf Championship that year.  It was her first golf title and her fifth consecutive tennis championship.  Her other tennis accomplishments include the Texas Girls Championship (1931) and National Women’s Intercollegiate Singles and Doubles Championships (1935).  She was the ninth-ranked player in America in 1933.
Keating continued to compete at a high level over the next two decades.  She reached the WTGA State Amateur finals in 1955 at Pine Forest Country Club (site of last week’s 2016 Women’s Stroke Play Championship) and 1959 where she was defeated by Hall of Fame member and Breaking 100 panelist Sandra Haynie.  She also served as the President of the WTGA in 1947.

Left to Right: Bettye Danoff, Mrs. Hack Williford, Kay Keating, Aniela Goldthwaite - 1948 WTGA State Amateur Semi-finalists

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