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Partners Make Golf More Fun!

Entries into the 2017 Women’s Four-Ball Championship open today (June 28), and this caused me to think about how much fun it is to play golf with a partner.  I am a certified golf nut, so golf is fun in any context for me.  I didn’t have much occasion to play with a partner until I found my way onto the Texas Cup team in 2000.  I didn’t know anyone, hadn’t played hardly any match play and was immediately aware that I was in over my head.  I was matched up with Marilyn Hardy as my partner for the Four-Ball and Alternate Shot rounds.  I didn’t know Marilyn very well, but quickly learned that I had hit the jackpot!  She hit it a mile, made every putt, never missed a green and gave me her own special brand of quiet, confident encouragement.  The night before the first match, I literally could not go to sleep.  I’ve described it before as the feeling I remember on Christmas Eve when I was a kid.  I won’t do the math for you, but I will say it had been a while since the last time I’d experienced that.  The next day came and went, and before I went to bed the following night, we had won two matches and I had never had more fun on a golf course.

If you've ever played golf, you will have won in spectacular fashion and lost in heartbreakers.  If you've played with a partner, both experiences were likely a little bit better.  You might have even formed lifelong friendships (like I did) through a fortunate pairing.  Here are a few other notable Texas partnerships that come to mind:
  • MaryAnn Morrison / Preston Crow:  Morrison is the all-time leader in WTGA State Amateur titles, winning nine championships in 20 years.  She and good friend Preston Crow claimed the Team Cup award representing Houston Country Club almost every time they competed together.
  • Toni Wiesner / Carolyn Creekmore:  These two won more titles together and individually than the space in this blog can accommodate.  Their records made them a formiddable match up in Texas Cup play.  Creekmore recalls being paired against two outstanding new players in a Texas Cup match.  When discussing their chances, Wiesner announced they certainly had the upper hand in the match.  When Creekmore asked why, Wiesner replied, "We have NAME RECOGNITION".  She was right.
  • Kaitlyn Papp / Hailee Cooper:  Papp won the inaugural Women's Stroke Play Championship in 2015 and Cooper shared Medalist honors in the 2017 Women's Stroke Play Championship.  Between their two individual titles, the pair won the 2016 U.S. Women's Four-Ball Championship.

There really is something special about playing for more than your own sake, working together, and feeling pressure to do your part for your partner that is better than doing it on your own.  Share your partner stories in the comments, and sign up for the Women’s Four-Ball Championship to create some new ones!
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