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Peggy Spann - 2013 WTGA President

Peggy Spann’s childhood prepared her very well for her successful career as an amateur golfer.  She says, “My love of sports and competition began as a very little girl competing with the boys…I had to excel because the boys did not want me to play.”  Her competitive drive led her to play in her first golf tournament only three months after taking up the sport.  Her main goal was to qualify for the WTGA State Amateur Championship – a feat she accomplished in just three years.  She even qualified for the Championship Flight in 1992.  After that experience, she says she “was hooked on the WTGA State Amateur”.

Peggy served as a Director for the WTGA from 2007-2013.  She was the WTGA’s President in 2013 and was a leader in the process of merging the WTGA with the Texas Golf Association.  This alignment has formed a single governing body that represents all golfers in Texas – male and female.  Peggy is one of five female Directors serving on the statewide Board of the TGA and is a member of the WTGA Committee that works to represent the interests and priorities of women golfers in our state.  Peggy also stays very busy as a volunteer rules official and continuing to expand her knowledge of the Rules of Golf.  She was recognized by the TGA as the 2015 South Volunteer of the Year due to the countless hours she contributes as an official and committee member.  She says, “I am humbled by the Rules and find them a challenge”.  Her history tells us she will continue to meet this challenge and excel, and golf in Texas will benefit from her accomplishment.

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Peggy Spann is most deserving of this recognition for her many contributions to golf in Texas. She clearly loves the game whether she is having an "off" day or playing the round of her life; her outlook is such that her playing companions or opponents can never tell the difference. It is not unusual for Peggy to play a round of competitive golf in the morning and spend her afternoon serving as a rules official. And I know first hand that Peggy is as fun on the course as she is off! Her involvement in golf has made it a better game for all.
Posted by Molly Price on February 16, 2016 @ 12:03 pm

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