Texas Golf Association, Since 1906
Texas Golf Association, Since 1906
Rules of Golf 2019
The R&A and the USGA are pleased to announce a major set of changes to the Rules of Golf. The changes are a result of an initiative that began in 2012 to Modernize the Rules of Golf. The new Rules take effect on Jan. 1, 2019. For an overview of the Rules Modernization initiative please, click here

Rules of Golf Resources

The following resources will allow you to understand the Rules of Golf for 2019. The Resources section will help you understand the changes to the Rules of Golf. Also, outlined below are how you can get your hands on the Rules whether it is online, through publication, or via smart phone or tablet.
Get Your Hands on the Rules

Rules of Golf Education

To help educate the community on the Rules of Golf that will take effect January 1st, 2019, the TGA will be conducting Rules of Golf seminars throughout 2019. The Rules of Golf seminars will be geared towards two separate audiences: the everyday golfer; Club Professionals and Volunteer Officials. For more information, follow the link below. 

TGA Rules of Golf Seminars