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Stableford Handicap Information

Stableford Handicap Information


Date: August 2nd-4th, 2019
Host Club: Riverhill Country Club
Address: 100 Riverhill Club LN, Kerrville, TX 78028
Phone: (830) 896-1400
Entry & Eligibility Information
Entries Open: June 4th, 2019 @ 9:00 AM
Entries Close: July 24th, 2019 @ 5:00 PM
Exempt Deadline: N/A
TGA Staff Contact: Tournament Director - Chris Untiedt
Team Entry Fee: $700
Eligibility: Entries are open to male amateur golfers with a GHIN handicap index of up of to 20.0, and who are 21 years of age or older by the first round of the championship.  Please reference TGA Policies and Procedures for further details, including Policies and Procedures, and Conditions of Competition.
The TGA reserves the right to select players to be in the field.

Championship Information
Format/Field Size: The field will be limited to 56 teams. Play will be contested over 54 holes of modified stableford scoring with 18 holes per day.  Teams will be pre-flighted based on the two players’ combined LHI “Low Handicap Index.” Handicap indexes used for all championship rounds will come from each player’s LHI from the August 1st, 2018 to August 1st, 2019 E-Revision. Each player’s course handicap will then be calculated after taking 90% of their 12-month LHI. See the “Scoring” section below for more information on calculation of Team Quota’s.

Tees/Yardages: There will be three separate tees used for the Championship utilizing Section 3-5 of the USGA Handicap Manual (i.e. players competing from a different USGA course rating). See below for handicap adjustment explanation. Players will be assigned to the corresponding tee/yardage based on their age as of the first round of the championship.

  • Players 54 years of age and younger will play approx. 6,400 – 6,500 yards (Open tees);
  • Players 55 to 64 years of age will play approx. 6,100 – 6,200 yards (Senior tees);
  • Players 65 years of age and older will play approx. 5,900 – 6,000 yards (Super Senior tees).

Note: Partners do not have to play from the same tee/yardage. Official yardage will be determined and announced at on-site registration. Players do not have the option of playing from a different tee/yardage.

Scoring: Total plus or fewest minus points for 54 holes will be used to determine final standings in each flight. The overall champions will be the team with the most plus points or fewest minus points, regardless of flight. Team Quotas are based on the Stableford system below: 

Points:  Double Bogey or higher = 0 points; Bogey = 1 point; Par = 2 points; Birdie = 3 points; Eagle = 4 points; Double Eagle = 5 points.
Day 1 Team Quota = 72 points, less the sum of 90% of each players course handicap.
Day 2 & 3 Quotas = Prior day’s quota adjusted by ½ of the previous days excess or deficit.
Handicap Adjustments and Section 3-5: Each team will have a pre-assigned quota based on the Stableford scoring system as shown above. The first round quota is 72 points, less 90% of the sum of each player’s course handicap. Example – Player A has a course handicap of 14 X .90 = 12.6 / 13. Player B has a course handicap of 10 X .90 = 9. 

Any additional adjustment(s) under Section 3-5 will be made because competitors are playing from three (3) different course ratings (i.e. yardages). As recommended by the USGA, we will add the difference between the course ratings, with the lowest yardage being the baseline. 

Player A is competing from the Open Tees (71.0), Player B is competing from the Senior Tees (69.0), and Player C is competing from the Super Senior Tees (67.0). Player A will add an additional four (4) strokes to his course handicap (71.0-67.0 = 4). Player B will add an additional two (2) strokes to his course handicap (69.9-67.0 = 2). Player C will make no adjustment to his course handicap.

If Player A is playing from the Open Tee (Course Rating of 71.0) and Player B is playing from the Senior Tee (69.0) , only Player A will add 2 additional strokes (71.0– 69.0) to his course handicap. The combined team handicap is 24 (13 + 9 + 2). The team quota is 72-24 = 48.  The quota will be adjusted by ½ of the excess or deficit at the completion of each round for the next day’s quota.

Note: Exact course ratings and yardages will be determined prior to the first tournament round. Course ratings listed above are for example purposes only. More information will be provided during on-site registration.

For more information on competing from different tees, please visit the USGA website and watch this video.
What's Included:  The entry fee includes greens, cart, and range fees for the practice round and all championship rounds.  The entry fee also includes a championship gift and food/beverage at the championship banquet.
Host Hotel: TGA Membership Partner, Affinity Travel Benefits, provides TGA Members with exclusive pricing on hotels for TGA compeitions, personal travel and more.  Players and their families may utilize the player's GHIN Number to create and activate their account, gaining access to a wide variety of properties.  Please click HERE for more information and to access discounted hotel rates exclusive to TGA Members.
Registration Information:  Player registration will be held on Thursday, August 1st between 9:00am and 5:00pm.  If a player cannot make registration, he must notify a TGA official at the host club that he is unable to make the registration deadline, but will be competing in the championship.  Those players not contacting a TGA official by 5:00pm are subject to forfeiting their playing position.
Practice Round Information:  Each player is allowed one (1) complimentary practice round on Thursday, August 1stonly.  Players must contact the host club golf shop on or after July 1st to schedule a practice round tee time.   
Pairings/Tee Time Information:  Pairings/Tee times for the first and second rounds will be made available no later than Tuesday, July 30th at www.TXGA.org. Round 1 and 2 tee times will be off #1 and #10 tees at 8:00 AM. Final round starting times will be re-drawn based on total score following the previous rounds of play and will be available in the evening preceding play (approximately one hour after the completion of play) online at www.TXGA.org.

Policies & Procedures
To ensure that competitors have the best possible experience when competing in the championship, it is helpful to be knowledgeable of Texas Golf Association (TGA) Policies and Procedures, Conditions of Competition and Local Rules (Hard Card), as established by the association.  For more information, please click here.  For information specific to Conditions of Competition applicable to this championship, please see below:
Caddies:  Caddies are permitted during the championship.  Players are responsible for supplying their own caddie for the competition.  Caddies must abide by the host facility dress code.
Transportation:  Players are encouraged to ride carts during the practice round and all championship rounds.  Cart fees for all championship rounds are included in the entry fee.  Carts are limited to two (2) riders at one time and two (2) carts per group.
USGA Groove Condition of Competition (Not in Effect): The USGA groove rules effective January 1, 2010 are NOT in effect for this competition. 
Score Posting:  At the conclusion of the championship, each player’s scores will be posted as "T” or tournament scores to the GHIN handicap system.  Four-Ball/Stableford Scores:  Players are encouraged to pick up if their score will not count for that hole; however the player is still required to record the most likely score had the player completed the hole, which must not exceed the player’s Equitable Stroke Control limit.  If a player turns in an incomplete scorecard, the committee will record a score of par plus any handicap strokes for each hole without a score.  Please do not enter your own scores from the competitive rounds, as this will result in a double post.

Schedule of Events
All events will take place at Riverhill Country Club, unless otherwise noted. Championship schedule is subject to changes and additions.

Thursday, August 1st
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM                           Registration & Practice Rounds
8:00 AM                                               Practice Round Starting Times - #1 Tee
6:30 PM                                                Golf course closes
6:30 PM                                                Player cocktail reception
7:00 PM                                                Player banquet
Friday, August 2nd
6:45 AM                                               Practice Facilities Open
7:30 AM                                               Round 1 Begins (#1 & #10 tee)
Saturday, August 3rd
6:45 AM                                               Practice Facilities Open
7:30 AM                                                Round 2 begins (#1 & #10 tee)
Sunday, August 4th
6:45 AM                                               Practice Facilities Open
7:30 AM                                                Round 3 begins (#1 & #10 tee)
After play                                            Awards ceremony

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