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Susan Knox, 2007 WTGA President

Knox (Right) starting at the 2014 WTGA State Amateur Championship

Suzan Knox is as Texas as they come.  The Houston native attended college at Baylor University and settled in Crockett with her husband Larry.  If ferocity of football allegiance is an indicator of state pride, then Knox’s devotion to the Houston Texans and Baylor Bears put her among the all-time greatest Texans.
Knox casually took up golf after she married Larry, a collegiate golfer whose love for the game inspired her to try for herself.  She eventually worked her way into the field of the 1997 WTGA State Amateur Championship. She had never participated in an event that had a starter and announced players at the tee.  She was very nervous and she remembers that, “I think I prayed that the ball would get off the tee and into the fairway.”
The impression made by a championship starter will not surprise any recent participant in the State Amateur Championship.  Knox has served at the official starter at the WTGA State Amateur Championship for many years and introduces competitors to the tee in a voice that is somehow equal parts reverence, excitement, warmth and encouragement.  Knox joined the WTGA Board in 2000 and served as the Association’s President in 2007.  During her WTGA tenure, she was part of the team that drafted the Association’s first Strategic Plan, instituted “Project Youngblood” to encourage participation by junior and collegiate golfers, and implemented the WTGA’s “extreme makeover”.  The WTGA went into that era as an historic association especially adept at administering three championships (WTGA State Amateur, Senior Stroke Play and The Partnership), and came out of it a full service association with junior golf programs, college scholarships, and new events in the pipeline.  The Winners’ Program is especially close to her heart.  Seeing so many young girls introduced to the game is her second greatest golfing accomplishment – topped only by playing with her grandchildren and helping them learn to love the game.
Knox is well-known for encouraging people to “Dream Big”, and this vision and drive has kept her in leadership positions wherever she goes.  She served on the Board of her almost 100-year old country club and was the first female ever elected President.  When the WTGA and TGA merged in 2014, Knox was elected to serve on the TGA Board of Directors.  She continues in that role today and also serves as a member of the WTGA Committee, TGA Nominating Committee and on the Board of Directors for the TGA Foundation.  In 2016, she was recognized by the TGA for her exceptional service as a volunteer and will be awarded the Bob Wells Award, the TGA’s highest honor, at the Breaking 100 Gala in November.  It is fitting for Knox to be acknowledged on such a special night celebrating the 100th anniversary of the association she has given so much to help transform.

Knox (Far left) at the 2008 Texas Challenge

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There have been so many women who deserve to be in this category of the top 100 women in Texas. But Susan Knox is certainly in a league of her own. She has inspired more people than she knows to help better golf for all women. Thanks KNOX for all you have done!!!!
Posted by Jacque cooper on September 20, 2016 @ 11:43 pm

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