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Updated TGA Statement on COVID-19 (March 26)
Author: TGA Staff
March 26th 2020 -

First and foremost, we sincerely hope you, your family, friends and neighbors are all healthy and staying safe. These certainly are strange and stressful times, and the TGA’s top priority is the well-being of the entire TGA Family.
After careful consideration, we suspended all competitions and golf activities indefinitely but at least through April 12. This includes all Championships, Qualifiers, Medalist Events, Fun Golf and Golf 101 events. Anyone currently registered for an event between now and April 12 will receive a full refund.
As we settle into this temporary “new normal,” we want you to know the TGA continues to monitor the situation by the hour. Many of you are unable to play golf because of safety concerns and course closures. We also know others are still playing as some facilities continue to stay open.
Currently, there is no statewide order related to golf. Governor Greg Abbott has confirmed that decisions about facilities’ status are governed by county and local officials. In many cases, local orders are not specific regarding golf operations. We recommend you contact your local club to find out if they are open for play.
If you are still playing, we obviously want you to remain safe. We’ve included some tips below on how to do so. To that end, the USGA released a statement on March 20, 2020, that speaks to the Rules and Handicapping modifications they support during these trying times.
Also, if you are still playing, please remember to post your scores to GHIN.com and/or the GHIN Mobile App. The USGA’s modified stance on the Rules makes it easier for people to get outside, exercise while still social distancing and continue to enjoy the game of golf. A little bit of normalcy in these abnormal times can be an important source of stress relief. To that end, the USGA produced an inspirational video about how the game brings us together.
We are also keeping an eye on ideas provided by other operators for ways golf can be played in areas where it is allowed. These primarily involve strategies to keep people from touching “shared equipment” like flagsticks, bunker rakes, etc.
Among the things you can do to keep safe on the golf course safe are:
   • Walk instead of taking a golf cart.
   • If you have to take a cart, ride by yourself. Do not share golf carts with other golfers.
   • If you take a cart, use sanitizer to wipe down the steering wheel and dashboard storage area before and after your round.
   • If your course hasn’t removed bunker rakes, don’t touch them. Encourage your partners to play bunkers as ground under repair. Free relief means no need to rake.
   • Leave the flagstick in while putting. No one has to touch the flag to tend or remove it.
For specific guidance from the USGA on scoring topics, click here.
Lastly, the TGA Resource Hub is collection of relevant information and best practices within our industry. Check back frequently for updated information.
Everyone at the TGA hopes the world pandemic and national state of emergency come to an end soon. In the meantime, please be safe and follow the guidelines set by your local health professionals. 

We hope to see you soon on the golf course.

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