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Texas Golf Association, Since 1906

ENGAGE - TGA Foundation Programs

ENGAGE - TGA Foundation Programs

The TGA Foundation helps golfers ENGAGE in local communities.

Certified Golf-Fit
Community Service Projects

Among certain audiences, the game of golf represents an antiquated game that consumes resources, and only benefits a small segment of society.  While the industry at large has implemented multiple initiatives to respond to this feeling, most of the work focuses at the national level.  Becoming more engaged locally can help create an environment for the game to thrive.

Through these programs, the TGA Foundation seeks to:

  • Utilize Texas golfers to enrich local communities
  • Demonstrate the positive impact golf has on society
  • Advocate for and promote issues that will benefit golfers and the golf industry

Certified Golf-Fit

Studies indicate that multiple, widespread health problems result from an increasingly sedentary lifestyle among both young people and adults.  Golf is especially well-suited to promotion of an active lifestyle due to its potential for lifelong participation and multiple alternatives that provide options for varying fitness levels.

TGA Foundation Certified Golf-Fit Programs encourage participation in local programs offered by member clubs and promote statewide initiatives to share fitness-related golf content.  The health and social benefits of golf extend well beyond a golfer’s era of “peak performance”.  Promoting the ways golf can enhance a person’s overall health and happiness creates a lifetime connection to the game.

The TGA Foundation provides in-kind contributions of marketing to a regional TGA database on behalf of member clubs and community organizations that develop golf-related fitness programs and initiatives.

Click here for information about the 2018 Golf Fit Challenge  (Participation closed - Completed March 31)

Community Service - Program in Development

TGA Foundation Community Service Projects will provide grassroots opportunities for local golf facilities and golfers to make a visible difference in their communities.  Projects demonstrate the vital role that golfers play in our neighborhoods and support community efforts away from the golf course.

Volunteers and funds used to complete projects may be supplied by a local club, but the projects are never tied to a particular golf facility, and invest in the community “outside the grounds” of the club.  The TGA Foundation serves as a clearing-house for project ideas and for requests for assistance from local communities.  The program also provides promotional support and statewide recognition for work completed and draws consistent attention to the impact made by the golf industry.
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