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Texas Golf Progression

For those of you who follow women’s golf in Texas, you will have seen that last week was the 96th playing of the WTGA State Amateur Championship.  (For those of you who missed it, you can get caught up HERE)  This week, the Legends Junior Tour is hosting the Texas State Junior Championship.  Next week, we head to Austin to host the Texas Challenge – a special junior golf event conducted in coordination with LPGA / USGA Girls Golf sites and our own Winners’ Program.  This three-week stretch paints a compelling picture of women’s golf in Texas.  Here are a few stories from different points along the road.

Texas Challenge (August 2) – 36 girls representing 5 chapters of LPGA / USGA Girls Golf will compete in two divisions at Harvey Penick Golf Campus.  Each chapter will send a best-ball team in two age groups to compete in the Toni Wiesner Division.  Each chapter will also send two additional girls to play in The Babe Division on a scramble team.  These kids will keep developing golf skills, learn how compete, and learn how to be well-rounded young women in these programs.  Next week you will find a recap of the event here.

96th WTGA State Amateur Championship – Maddie McCrary from Wylie won the most prestigious title in Texas last week. McCrary played junior golf and high school golf in Texas and is now a Senior at Oklahoma State University.  With her win, McCrary improved 16 places in the World Amateur Golf Rankings and is now ranked as the 75th Amateur in the World.  For the first time in recent memory, the Championship Flight featured exclusively collegiate and high school players.  (Don’t sleep on the Mid-Ams and Seniors, though.  They’ll be back next year!)  These 32 young women play competitive golf at the highest levels at schools in Texas and universities all over America.  After spending a week in their company, be assured that Texas is well represented by these young women.

LPGA Q-School (Begins August 21) – Aside from the incredible golf, the highlight of State Am week might have happened at the scoreboard.  After losing an extremely competitive first round match against Julie Houston in extra holes, Baylor Senior Maggie Beth Byers approached the TGA staff.  She told us that this would be her last State Amateur Championship.  Her voice was full of emotion as she explained that she was turning pro and would enter the LPGA Q-school in August.  It was so gratifying to hear her tell how much her Texas amateur experience had meant to her and to see the mix of appreciation for where she’s been and excitement for what’s ahead.  We assured Byers on behalf of all of the staff, volunteers, committee members, competitors, former players and on and on, that Texas would always root for her and she would always be one of “ours”.  There are plenty of "our girls" entering Q-school, playing on the Cactus, Symetra and LPGA tours and we pulling for them on every shot!

There are so many great things about golf.  One of the best, however, is that there are so many ways to connect with the game.  Whether you are an 8-year old, a world-class amateur, a 50-year old beginner, a member of your club’s 9-hole league, or a seasoned veteran, golf has something for you.  If you have trouble finding it, or want help getting started, let me know!  There are other women doing the same thing, and even the ones doing golf differently are just at a different point on the same road. 
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