Texas Golf Association, Since 1906
Texas Golf Association, Since 1906

Become a Member - For Individuals

Become a Member - For Individuals

An individual may become a TGA member by affiliating with or joining one of our TGA Member Clubs and establishing a GHIN Handicap. There are two easy methods for applying: 

Join Online

  1. Find a "Home Club" from the list of participating TGA Member Clubs.  It is necessary to establish a "home" course where your records are kept. You can still play and post your scores wherever you want, but your handicap will be maintained at your "home" club.
  2. Complete the Online Application and pay $39 annual dues
  3. Receive email confirmation of your TGA Membership and GHIN Handicap number within one business day.
>> Click HERE to find a Club (Note:  Not all Member Clubs participate in the online signup program)

You may use the map to search for clubs in your area, or search the alphabetical directory.  Once you have selected a club, click JOIN to start the application.

Join in Person

Visit a TGA Member Club near your home or work and join the TGA there by establishing a GHIN Handicap.  Your golf professional can help you enroll as a member of the TGA so you can establish a handicap and start posting your scores via the GHIN handicapping service.

Click on the link below for the online Club Directory and view a current list of TGA Member Clubs.

>> Member Club Directory  

If you would like additional information about TGA membership, or joining a club, please contact Mary Harrison or call (214) 468-8942.

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