TGA Foundation

Bill Penn Grant

Supporting grass-roots programs introducing youth to a lifetime of golf.


The Bill Penn grant was designed to reach out to new generations of golfers by supporting established golf-related community outreach programs. Eligible programs provide local-level instruction, develop golf skills for juniors and introduce disadvantaged kids to golf. By making golf more accessible for young people, Bill Penn grant recipients serve the mission of the TGA Foundation by ensuring that the game of golf grows and prospers.

In the TGA Foundation program “LIFE CYCLE”, the Bill Penn grant helps to START kids on the path of lifetime participation in golf. If a child can develop basic golf skills in a safe and fun environment, there is no limit to what he or she can achieve in the game. When a kid learns to love golf, a lifelong connection to the game is formed – whether the child becomes a professional golfer or a recreational golfer, the game of golf is served.

The grant provides support to any junior golf program that is having an impact at the local level – regardless of the parent organization. Over the years, the Bill Penn grant has funded 1st Tee Chapters, LPGA / USGA Girls golf sites, PGA Junior League golf, and after-school golf programs. While the TGA and TGA Foundation are proud of our “own” programs, we also acknowledge and applaud the great work being done for junior golfers by other organizations. Through the Bill Penn Grant, we hope to foster a spirit of collaboration and cooperation so that any program that aligns with our mission has the greatest chance of success.

Ladies of Golf’s purpose is also to be the role models to the young girls that participate in Girls Golf of Greater Houston. LOG empowers girls through the game of golf and inspires them to dream BIG! Girls Golf summer camp is a six week camp with instruction and activities for girls ages 6-17 years of age. The majority of girls who participate in the program can not afford the summer camp. The requested funds will afford economically challeneged young girls in the area a chance to learn and play the game of golf and participate.– Stacey Frank, Executive Director, Ladies of Golf (2018 Bill Penn Grant recipient)

About Bill Penn

Bill Penn was a previous Executive Director for the Texas Golf Association and a true ambassador of the game. His commitment to growing the game was demonstrated by a lifetime of giving to the game as a volunteer and professional golf administrator.

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