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Texas Golf Association, Since 1906

Club Liaison

Club Liaison

In 2005, the Texas Golf Associationís Board of Directors initiated the Club Liaison Program. The purpose of the program is to bring about greater communication and coordination between the TGA and its member clubs. Working together, we believe this new program will assist in making the TGA stronger and more responsive to the needs and concerns of its members.

The liaison is an intermediary, providing a conduit in which information and feedback can flow freely between the TGA and the member club. They are copied on all upcoming activities, whether it is an educational seminar or the latest news and updates from the Handicap, Course Rating or Rules and Competitions department, so they can disseminate the information throughout their club and make sure that important material is prominently displayed. The delegates also provide a wealth of information to the TGA from the clubís perspective regarding any current issues or trends it is facing.

The Role of the TGA Club Liaison:

  • Familiarize themselves with the Associationís programs.
  • Acquaint the clubís leadership with the Associationís purpose and programs.
  • Encourage club officials such as the handicap, rules and green committee chairman to attend appropriate TGA educational seminars that are held annually throughout the state.
  • Promote club awareness of various TGA programs and identify strategies for increasing overall membership understanding.
  • Encourage club members to participate in TGA competitions.
  • Provide important feedback to the TGA about concerns or questions the club might have.
If your club does not currently have a liaison or if you would like to learn more about the program please contact the main office of the Texas Golf Association at 214.468.8942.
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