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Club Licensing

Club Licensing

USGA Handicap System Licensing Program

In 2005, the USGA began a program that requires each golf club in the United States that uses the USGA Handicap System™ to become licensed. This means that a golf course, association or club must enter into a license agreement with the USGA in order to use the USGA Handicap System, to use the USGA marks, and to issue USGA Handicap Indexes, USGA Course Ratings and USGA Slope Ratings. For TGA member clubs, the licensing process is administered by the TGA. If you are a non-member club, the TGA will review your license application, and then forward to the USGA for processing and approval. For your convenience, all information pertaining to this program may be accessed via the links below.

To Become Licensed:

  1. Complete the Club Licensing Application

    The online application is available to a golf club that is not a current TGA member club. Click on the following link for an online application: http://www.usga.org/HDCPClubLic/form.asp


    Click on the Club Licensing Application link below to obtain the application in a pdf format. Please complete the application and mail to:

    Texas Golf Association
    16200 Addison Road
    Suite 150
    Addison, TX 75001

  2. Take Handicap Seminar and Quiz

    Licensing requires participation by a representative from your golf club in a USGA Handicap Seminar, including passing a quiz exhibiting knowledge about the system. The TGA conducts several handicapping seminars across the state each year where the quiz is administered. To view the Educational Seminar schedule, click on the link below:

    Educational Seminar Schedule


    Your club can fulfill the requirement by taking the online seminar via the USGA’s website at:


    Please be certain to have your club representative sign in, review the slides, and successfully pass the quiz. The slides are easy to read and the quiz serves as a basic test of understanding regarding handicaps.

    Remember, to be authorized to issue a USGA Handicap Index® to your golfers/members, your club must complete the Club Licensing Application and a representative from your club must participate in the handicap seminar and successfully pass the quiz. 

Any club that was licensed in the prior 2008-2011 cycle will remain so until December 31, 2015, provided they complete the handicap seminar and quiz requirement during the new cycle (January 1, 2012-December 31, 2015), or unless it is determined that the club no longer complies with rules of the USGA Handicap System.

For additional details on Club Licensing, please review the links below, or submit any questions you may have to handicapping@txga.org.

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