Course Rating Application

Information for Clubs Making Application

  1. Requests for Course Rating will be honored in the order received, subject to variations due to availability of rating teams in a particular area. Some backlog will be normal, but every attempt will be made to rate the courses in a timely manner. The average timeline is approximately 6 weeks out.
  2. USGA rating standards require permanent markers be set at each tee and the distances be measured by certain surveying equipment, electronic measuring device, or steel tape or chain. Actual airline measurement as stipulated by the USGA is of utmost importance. Measurement by wheel is not acceptable.
  3. Applications will be accepted on the basis of the charges shown below. In addition, the club or course being rated will be expected to furnish certain preliminary course rating data; golf carts and playing privileges on the course for the rating team will be without charge. Raters might not play the course on the day of the rating.
  4. Golf Professional and/or greens superintendent will be expected to furnish the rating team with additional local information as necessary.
  5. Upon confirmation by the Review Committee, your club will be furnished an official USGA Course/ Slope Rating Certificate and appropriate USGA Course Handicap Tables from the Texas Golf Association for the Men’s and Women’s ratings.

Following Application Submission:

  • Please submit the Online Data Form with 1 scorecard (if yardage is accurate), or a document showing hole-by-hole yardages for ALL tees.
  • Please add your selection(s) to the cart and submit payment through the checkout form.
  • Your rating will not be scheduled until the Application and payment are submitted.

Step 1: Fill out and Submit the Application*

*Please note that upon clicking “Submit”, the form will disappear. Rest assured your form has been submitted. After you submit your form in Step 1, please move on to Step 2, where you can add your course rating to the cart and check out.

Application for Course Rating

The following information is submitted in order to apply to the Texas Golf Association for the Men’s/Women’s Course Rating Services at your club. In making this application, the club agrees to accept the rating assigned by the TGA.

  • Please enter a number from 9 to 36.
  • Feet and Inches
  • Inches

Step 2: Make your Selection and Submit Payment

 Member Club $475

 Non-Member Club $2000

 Measure $500

 27 Hole Member Club $712.50

 27 Hole Non-Member Club $3000

 27 Hole Measure $750

 36 Hole Member Club $950

 36 Hole Non-Member Club $4000

 36 Hole Measure $1000

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