Get Into Golf

Golf Terminilogy


In the golf world there are some articles of clothing that are customary and some that you really shouldn’t see on the golf course. Each golf course may have their own set of standards so it is best to ask what the appropriate attire is when you call the golf shop. Here are some dos and don’ts.

  • Typical attire – collared shirts, shirts tucked in, slacks, dress shorts, golf shoes, tennis shoes, sleeveless shirts for the women as long as there is a collar, ball caps/visors turned the correct way, skorts
  • What not to wear – denim of any kind, gym shorts, skorts that are too short, ball caps backwards, tee shirts, tank tops

Ball Mark Repair Tool

This is a handy little tool to repair the small round dent that your golf ball makes when it hits the putting green surface. Etiquette is to fix your ball mark and one more (sometimes golfers don’t fix their marks).

Ball Marker

A ball marker is used anytime you are going to pick your ball up in your hand and then replace it in the exact spot you just picked it up from. Ball markers are typically round, for example a coin or a poker chip. This action is very common the putting green, you mark your ball and pick it up then replace it when it is your turn to putt. You will learn more about this in the next section – Get Set.


Flagsticks mark the hole location on the putting green. When you are getting ready to hit your ball on the putting green you need to know where the hole is located on the green surface to know where to aim. Flagsticks will typically have a colored flag, matching the golf course colors, or red, white, or blue. Theses flags are determined by the golf course.

Golf Bag

Golf bags come in all shapes and sizes. Some are super lite with just a pocket or two and hold your golf clubs. Some you can carry with a strap over your shoulder or across the top of your shoulders like a backpack and have a kick stand that you can use to set the bag on the ground and remove a golf club when it is time for you to hit your ball. Some are termed cart bags they are heavier, not really made for walking and carrying your bag, they have a lot of pockets, you can put just about anything in these but you will definitely want to ride in a cart and not carry them.

Golf Ball

Golf balls are all the same in that they are round, the same diameter and have little dimples on the surface which helps with the trajectory of the golf ball when hit into the air. However, they come in more colors to mention, some are for better distance, some are for more feel, you will learn more about golf balls and what would be a good idea to start with in the next section – Get Set.

Golf Cart

Golf carts are permitted on the golf course to carry yourself and your golf clubs. They are typically set up to hold two golfers and two golf bags. These carts can be driven on the grass or sometimes are restricted to the cart path depending on the golf course. They can be gas or battery powered. Learn more etiquette about driving golf carts in the next section – Get Set.

Golf Clubs

Golf clubs are what you will use to hit your golf ball. There are numerous different types that perform different functions. Some are long and some are short, some have a large angled degree like 60 degrees and some are very small like 5 degrees. You will learn all about the functions of golf clubs once you get into the next step – Get Set.

Golf Shoes

Golf shoes are soft soled shoes that normally have some type of spike in them to give you traction. The spikes in some shoes will be replaceable when they get worn down and are made of plastic. Other golf shoes are termed spikeless but that usually means they have spikes built into the bottom of the shoe that look like little plastic nubs to help you with traction. Golf shoes are not a must when you are just starting out you can definitely get by with some tennis shoes. You get to decide when you want to purchase golf shoes and how many pairs you think you need!

Golf Tee

A golf tee is like a little peg that is basically in the shape of a “T” that you set your golf ball on when you are first “teeing” off. It elevates your golf ball off the ground to make it easier to hit, it is up to you and your golf instructor to determine the correct height for your golf ball for the type of shot you are needing to hit. You might want to tee it down low if you are hitting into a strong head wind or tee it up high to let it fly! Tees are usually made out of wood or a plastic type of material and come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

Pull Cart / Push Cart

These wheeled carts hold your golf bag so you could walk for a round of golf but not have to carry your golf clubs. They might have two, three, or four wheels and you will either pull them behind you or push them in front of you. They even have electric or battery powered carts that you control with a remote control.

Tee Marker

Tee markers are used on the tee boxes to show indicate the area of a tee box that you need to hit your golf ball from to start the hole. You cannot tee your golf ball in front of the tee markers without incurring a penalty so be sure to always note where the tee markers are placed on a tee box, or teeing ground. Tee markers come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. They may just be a painted chunk of wood or an elaborate shaped piece of metal. You will learn more about the importance of tee markers in the next step – Get Set.

Tee Time

Think of tee times as an appointment time for you to tee off to start your round of golf. You typically contact the golf shop staff and set up a time that works for you to begin your round. Some golf course offer online signups that will show you a tees sheet with a list of times available and then you pick the time you want and tell the system how many golfers will be in your group. Tee times may run at different intervals depending on the golf course. For example, the times might be 7:00, 7:10, 7:20, etc. or they may be 7:00, 7:08, 7:16, etc. They usually start at sun up and end late in the day when you would still have time to finish your round of golf before the sunsets.