Local Knowledge

April 2022


One of the most recent Golf Genius TM product updates is the addition of customizable StrackaLine Hole Location Sheets. This feature introduces a new report that managers can use to print the hole locations for a selected course, through an integration with StrackaLine. Choose your course from the dropdown and then either click on the green outlines to set the hole location or choose to enter the number yourself. These new hole location sheets provide actual green outlines and greenside bunkers.

Typically, hole location sheets consist of circles and lines to indicate the location of the holes on every green, but the StrackaLine feature will allow you to take your hole location sheet to the next level and truly enhance the golfer’s experience.

With the StrackaLine Hole Location Sheets, you can easily search your course and retrieve an interaction form where you can set up and print hole locations sheets with such custom features as course green shape, green depth, distance to the hole from the center of the green, distance to the hole from the front of the green, distance to the hole from the left or right edge of the green, and much more. (Note: If your course is not currently in the Strackaline database, contact the company support team at [email protected] to get set up.)

To learn more about the StrackaLine Hole Location Sheets feature, click here. For Golf Genius TM questions and training, contact Shona DeMint at [email protected].


The TGA Foundation and Youth on Course (YOC) invite you to attend a Virtual Open House to learn about the advantages of joining the fast-growing YOC community.

Nearly 2,000 golf courses across the U.S. and Canada are part of the YOC network, offering rounds of golf to more than 130,000 YOC members for $5 or less.

Becoming a YOC Partner Course helps grow the game and your future customer base. That’s because nearly half of YOC members’ rounds are played with a paying adult, generating further business for your course including increasing your food, beverage and merchandise sales.

The program is simple to implement and complements other junior golf programs, giving participants more opportunities to apply their skills to the course.

Below is an outline of how the program works:

• Availability: You decide when YOC members can play at the reduced rate. Members always play for $5 or less, and YOC subsidizes each round played.

• Promotion: We’ll provide marketing materials highlighting your course’s YOC membership rates.

• Logistics: Your staff¬ checks in YOC members via our online system to track rounds and subsidies.

• Payment: You’ll receive monthly reimbursement checks from YOC for each round played.

Join us for a virtual open house to learn how to bring YOC to your facility. Click on one of the following dates for more information and online meeting registration.

TGA/YOC Virtual Open House #1: April 18, 2022 (9 AM CDT)

TGA/YOC Virtual Open House #2: April 19, 2022 (1 PM CDT)

TGA/YOC Virtual Open House #3: April 20, 2022 (3 PM CDT)


The Texas Golf Association, along with the Northern and Southern Texas PGA Sections, recently announced a four-year extension of the Texas Junior Golf Alliance (TJGA).

Established in 2013 to formalize the relationships between the TGA and PGA Sections, the TJGA creates a statewide partnership that highlights playing opportunities for juniors in each region of the state based on playing ability. The Alliance establishes a local, regional, and statewide roadmap for competitors operated by the governing bodies and leaders of the golf community in Texas.

The new extension takes the TJGA partnership through the 2025 season.

Junior golfers become members of the TJGA and LJT by joining their respective PGA Section’s junior program. Alliance members have opportunities to play in the events conducted by the PGA Section in their region. Through playing in NTPGA All-American Tour and STPGA Srixon Prestige Tour events, Alliance members earn status and exemptions into LJT events, which are conducted by the TGA.

As a result, participation at the local level is encouraged and supported, and LJT Championships attract the best players throughout the state. This allows LJT events to earn American Junior Golf Association Performance Stars, higher World Amateur Golf Rankings, and greater attention from the collegiate golf community, including coaches.

To learn more about the TJGA agreement, click here.


Recruiting the best employees for your team is no easy feat. Understanding and mindfulness are key to recruiting the top talent that will lead your club today and in the future. The generations and diversity within those generations that make up today’s workforce are more alike than they may think, but each requires different considerations when recruiting and retaining employees into leadership positions.

One channel that is gaining traction across all demographics is social media. In fact, 96% of job seekers say they use social media when conducting a job search, according to CareerArc.

Using social platforms to recruit better candidates and increase your business is now standard operating procedure. However, using this channel well is more complicated. It involves more than just putting up a picture and your CV on LinkedIn or posting sporadically on Facebook.

In a story for Club Management Association of America’s digital magazine, author Jennifer McNally offers some tips for crafting an online presence that can help increase engagement.

To read more about how to use social media to recruit the best employees, click here.