Local Knowledge

August 2021


Pace of play is typically managed at the course level, but, in some circumstances, it may be more useful to manage pace of play for each tee independently. With the latest product update from USGA TM, managers now have the option of defining Pace of Play information at separate tee levels. Managers will be able to establish different pace of play times for each tee in those instances when it will be more effective to do so. The tee Pace of Play information will be carried over across various places in the application, including scorecards, Raguzzi charts, composers, Pace of Play application, etc.

To learn more about Managing Pace of Play by Tee using USGA TM, click here.


Youth on Course, the national program designed to make golf more accessible to juniors, awarded a grand total of $296,000 in scholarships in 2021.

Roman Ramirez of San Antonio was one of the 20 exemplary high school senior scholarship recipients who will use the funds to take the next step in their academic futures. Ramirez intends to be the first in his family to attend college thanks to the YOC scholarship.

“Golf has opened up so many opportunities, I am setting up my path for a successful future,” Ramirez said. “Golf has taught me discipline and that failing happens a lot in the game. But it gives you the opportunity to learn from your mistakes and better yourself.”

Ramirez plans to enroll in Our Lady of the Lake University, located in his hometown of San Antonio, and major in mathematics. He hopes to play college golf, win a national championship and eventually make his way onto the PGA Tour.

In 2020, the TGA Foundation launched the Youth on Course program here in Texas. For just $5 or less, juniors are given access to play golf all around the Lone Star State, as well as nationally. The program debuted only in the San Antonio area and has now expanded to West Texas, DFW and Hill Country regions. In addition to access to courses and college scholarships, YOC offers a caddie program and paid high school internships to ensure its efforts to support young people go beyond the 18th green.

To read the full YOC Scholarship article, click here. To learn more about Youth on Course in Texas, click here.


The USGA’s Virtual Rules School has returned for 2021. For a monthly subscription fee of $25, followers will get access to a comprehensive video series that provides nearly 20 hours of content covering the Rules of Golf using pictures, animations and videos to help bring the Rules to life. It gives viewers the ability to learn at their own pace and from wherever they are, no matter if it’s in the office, at home or on the go.

The videos feature instruction by Rules of Golf experts from the USGA staff who have thousands of hours of experience teaching this material throughout the U.S. to anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the Rules, from avid golfers to golf club operators and regional golf administrators to referees working at the highest levels of amateur and professional golf. Among the topics covered in the video series include the two fundamental principles of the Rules – Playing the Course as it is Found and Playing the Ball as it Lies, the differences between match play and stroke play with and without partners, every procedure and relief option available, how penalties are structured and much more.

To learn more about the USGA Virtual Rules School, click here.


At Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, Md., coming on board can be a bit of a whirlwind. The Club’s Congo Passport Program seeks to make the process of joining the Congressional team not just smooth but fun, too.

“We know that 69% of employees are more likely to stay with a company if they experienced great onboarding,” said Alexandra Sarris, director of member events & front desk operations. “Up to 20% of employee turnover happens in the first 45 days. We saw an opportunity to enhance our onboarding program at Congressional.”

Launched in 2019, the Congo Passport Program was created through collaboration of staff members from various divisions with the goal of bringing a vast number of ideas to the planning process.

The program gives new team members the freedom to “travel,” journeying to various locations throughout the club. Learning about the operation of each department and the responsibilities of the respective staffs earns passport stamps.

The goal for new hires is simple: Learn about other departments, meet other team members and create relationships with team members outside their own departments.

To learn more about Congressional Country Club’s employee passport program, click here.