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January 2020


There were several notable enhancements in the most recent update for users of the USGA Tournament Management product to coincide with the launch of the World Handicap System. Users can now update Handicap Indexes and post scores to GHIN from within USGA Tournament Management. The new USGA RULES OF HANDICAPPING also now apply. Recent product enhancements include:

  • Daily Revisions: Handicap Indexes will no longer be updated every two weeks. Instead, you can update and revise Handicap Indexes daily. When UPDATING THE HANDICAP INDEXES, you can now select the revision date.
  • New Playing Handicap Computation: There is now a new method of computing Playing Handicaps. Golf Genius suggests creating test events and viewing the HANDICAP ANALYSIS to better understand the changes. To view a comprehensive guide on computing Playing Handicaps for competitions, CLICK HERE.
  • Maximum Hole Score for Posting: When POSTING SCORES, ESC (Equitable Stroke Control) is no longer being applied. Instead, the maximum posted score for a hole is now a net double bogey. For full details, reference Rule 3.1b in the USGA Rules of Handicapping.
  • Handicap Allowances: Handicap Allowance recommendations for certain competitions have changed. For full details, reference Appendix C in the USGA Rules of Handicapping.


Texas League Play begins its 16th season in 2020 looking to expand the roster and attract more TGA Member Clubs that would like to join in on the fun. Last year, 56 teams in 14 conferences competed in Texas League Play, with Odessa Country Club claiming the overall title in the championship playoffs held at Horseshoe Bay Resort.

Since its inception in 2006, Texas League Play has helped to foster the appeal of interclub matches all across the state. This exciting team match play competition utilizes the Low Handicap Index established by the World Handicap System to level the playing field for competitors of all skill levels and presents TGA Member Clubs with a unique opportunity to engage with their members. The thrill golfers get out of playing for their home club in Texas League Play is an amazing way to provide high-energy fun, build camaraderie, boost club spirit and strengthen member relationships.

Registration for 2020 Texas League Play opened on Jan. 7 and will close on March 13. If your members would enjoy being part of this unforgettable golf experience and need some help getting started, please contact the TGA’s Championship Department at (214) 468-8942.


The World Handicap System is comprised of the Rules of Handicapping and the Course Rating System. The Rules of Handicapping replaces the USGA Handicap System, which has been in place since 1911, and the USGA Course Rating System has become the Course Rating System.The Quick Reference Placemat is an easy-to-follow, one-page guide that gives a brief overview of the key topic areas from which you can expect to receive the most questions from golfers. DOWNLOAD QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE


The change from the USGA Handicap System to the new World Handicap System went into effect Jan. 1, 2020. With the objective of making the transition easier to understand, the USGA and The R&A have produce an Abbreviated Change Summaries paper that identifies the main changes expected to have the most impact on golfers. The summary chart covering the major changes outlines 1) the current USGA Handicap System policy, 2) the new Rules of Handicapping change and 3) reasons for the change and why it matters. DOWNLOAD ABBREVIATED VERSION

There is also a more in-depth version available for download. Each of the one-page documents in the full version goes into greater detail about the major changes from the USGA Handicap System to the World Handicap System. DOWNLOAD FULL VERSION