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November 2019


When the new World Handicap System goes into effect on Jan. 1, 2020, golfers will notice a number of major changes and improvements compared to the current system.

“Change also means opportunity and, managed appropriately, this can only be good for the game,” said Martin Slumbers, Chief Executive of The R&A, which along with the USGA co-developed the WHS. “It does mean there will be a period of adjustment, as we saw with the new Rules, but once it beds in golfers and golf clubs will benefit in many ways from the new system.”

The five most critical changes that you and your members should be made aware of are: Handicap Index May Change, Need to Know Course Handicap, Net Double Bogey Max Score, Daily Handicap Index Updates and Safeguards & Abnormal Conditions. LEARN MORE


The USGA TM’s Scorecard Composer is a powerful tool much like MS Excel in that, most times, we only use the basic functions but the programs are capable of doing so much more.

Now that we’re heading into the winter months and the golf season has slowed down a little, it might be a good time to check out a Scorecard Composer Webinar and learn all the different ways you can modify your scorecards to fit your needs. The Scorecard Composer is very similar to the Legacy Scorecard Creator, but with added functionality for more customization.

The Scorecard Composer Webinar covers a variety of topics such as how to design, print, and manage your printed scorecards. You will also learn how to use the multiple tabs for various formatting options, including Pairing Groups, Handicap Stroking, Fonts & Colors and Additional Tees. SCORECARD COMPOSER WEBINAR


The Texas Junior Golf Alliance and Volunteers of America Classic recently partnered to give junior female golfers in the state of Texas an opportunity to earn an exemption into an LPGA Tour event.

The Volunteers of America Classic Match Play Championship will present an opportunity for 16 players to work their way through a bracket and earn a spot in the 2020 Volunteers of America Classic, one of the most established events on the LPGA Tour.

Texas Golf Association Executive Director Stacy Dennis and Northern Texas PGA Executive Director Mark Harrison announced the partnership in early October at the seventh staging of the Volunteers of America Classic at Old American Golf Club in The Colony.

“This means that Texas female amateur golfers will have the chance to play in the LPGA event next year and gain experience which will be beneficial for their career,” Dennis said. “It will be very exciting, very dramatic and very good for Texas amateur golf.” READ MORE


A brand is not just a name. And branding is not just marketing and advertising.

Your brand is what the outside world thinks of your product, company or services, and successful clubs require good branding. All clubs, no matter their size, should want to have a brand that everyone views positively. Advertising and marketing can be used to reinforce that brand. And in today’s world, social media plays a major role as well.

Branding help might be warranted if a club wants to reduce the average age of its membership by attracting more young families with children. Or, a club may need to set itself apart from the crowd in a competitive marketplace. Or, a club may have no idea what its brand, or “story,” is and may need to learn how to publicize all the advantages it can offer in order to attract new members.

In her article for CMAA Magazine, author Rebecca Larsen talks with some branding specialists and outlines six important steps to creating a great brand. READ MORE