Where do I go to post scores for my handicap?

You can post scores to your GHIN profile using the GHIN Mobile App that is available on all major app stores. You can also post scores on your computer at GHIN.com

What is hole-by-hole score posting?

Hole-by-Hole Score Posting is posting your score in GHIN hole by hole at a club. This will automatically apply the Net Double Bogey calculation to your scores to ensure accurate scores are being used for your handicap.

How do I update my email address for my GHIN account?

To update your email address for your GHIN account you can access your profile on GHIN.com and selecting “My Profile” in the top right. You can then select the “Email Address” tab and change your email address.

You can also change your email address on the GHIN Mobile App by going to the “More” option in the bottom right. You will then need to select the “My Profile” option, which will allow you to make changes to your profile.

Can I track my stats using the GHIN Mobile App?

You can track Fairways in Regulation, Greens in Regulation, Putts, Low Score, High Score, Average Score, as well as scoring stats from your rounds with more stats planned to be added in the future. To record stats you will need to post a “Hole-by-Hole Score” and select the “Advanced Stats” option.

Can I look up other golfers?

If the other golfer is a GHIN member you can look up their account using the “Golfer Lookup” option on GHIN.com or the GHIN Mobile App. You can also add golfers to your “Favorites” by selecting the star icon next to their name. Those favorited golfers will then show up anytime you select the “Golfer Lookup” option.

Can I lookup my past scores?

To lookup scores on your account you will need to go to the “Stats” tab that will then show you your score history. To see scores from specific years, revision scores, or competition scores you can use the drop-down menu.

I am a member of a golf club that uses GHIN and is a TGA Member Club. Does that mean I am a TGA Member?

By using GHIN, your club becomes a TGA Member Club, and when your club issues you an active GHIN Number, then you automatically become a member of the TGA, too.

Why can’t I post a score at a golf course?

Golf courses are not required to provide GHIN score entry kiosks for golfers to post scores. If the facility has a GHIN score entry kiosk that is malfunctioning, check with the club, or contact Zach Madison, the TGA’s Manager of USGA Products.

What do I do if the tees I played at are not in GHIN to post a score?

You will need to speak to the club on getting that tee added to GHIN, or contact Zach Madison at the TGA to see if that tee can be added to GHIN. This would only require a picture of the scorecard provided to be able to add a tee for posting.

If a tee is not in GHIN for posting can I manually post the score using the rating on the scorecard?

If a tee is not in GHIN, do not manually post the score using info from the scorecard. If the tee is not available in GHIN the rating may not be accurate or could have been withdrawn for some reason. Contact your club, or the TGA to be able to post a score.

What can I do if I am having trouble logging into the GHIN Mobile App?

If you are having issues logging into the GHIN Mobile App, make sure the app is updated to its current version and make sure your phone is updated to the most recent operating software. You can also access your profile by going to GHIN.com to access the GHIN desktop site.

When does my GHIN membership need to be renewed?

The length of the membership term varies from club to club.

If a private facility/club provided you with your TGA/GHIN membership, then you must contact your club regarding the renewal of your TGA/GHIN membership.

If a public or semi-private facility/club provided your TGA/GHIN membership, some require you to pay directly at the club, and some allow you to pay and renew online.

To find those that allow you to pay and renew online, go to txga.org and hit the blue “Join the TGA” tab on the top right. Scroll down and hit the “Find a Club” button. You can pay and renew online if the club listing shows a blue Join/Renew button on the right. Hit that button and then follow the instructions on the page to renew your account. If the club listing does not show a Join/Renew button, then you must contact the club to renew.

What is “PCC” next to my scores in GHIN?

“PCC” is the Playing Conditions Calculation. This is an automatic calculation that will analyze scores posted at a golf course if it determines that scores posted that day are much higher or lower than they should be according to the course’s ratings. This calculation is intended to adjust scores for weather conditions, course conditions, or course setup that may cause higher or lower scores on a day. This calculation only considers scores posted on that specific day.