Is my club eligible to host a TGA championship?

The host club must be a member club in good standing of the Texas Golf Association in the year in which the club is hosting the championship


Is TGA tax exempt?

Yes. The TGA is a nonprofit organization and does not pay tax for all goods, rentals, services, and food/beverages in connection with the championship. However, the TGA shall pay face value amount of merchandise awards certificates and appropriate sales tax shall be deducted when contestants collect awards merchandise from the host club.

The TGA will provide an exemption certificate to the host club.


Does the TGA pay a course fee to the club hosting a championship?

Yes. The TGA will pay the host club a per-player rate that includes course fee, cart fee, and range balls for practice round and each round of the championship based on the number of players that tee off in each round. This is in addition to what the TGA pays the host club for any championship-related food and beverage catering services and/or golf shop merchandise gift certificates.


How will individual player charges at my club work?

The TGA would like to work with the host club to create the best possible experience for the contestants while at the championship for any charges incurred. The host club will need to make provisions for the players to pay cash or set up guest cards for food and beverage service on the course and in an area designated by the host club for other meals.

We would ask that the host club confirm preferred or acceptable forms of payment (e.g., credit card and/or cash) so that this information can be communicated to players in advance of the championship.


How will TGA staff and volunteer charges work at my club?

The host club will assign a TGA account in which staff and designated volunteers will be able to charge meals and other items to such account. TGA will provide a list of all individuals who are authorized to make charges on the account.


Can individuals from my club get involved in the championship?

If the host club has members and/or individuals interested in assisting at the championship, those names and contact information can be relayed to the TGA staff which will then contact the individuals directly and make appropriate assignments.


Does my club’s course condition matter?

It will be the responsibility of the host club to have a course in championship playing conditions. Should the host club have course maintenance issues, they should be immediately addressed with TGA staff and under extreme conditions the TGA reserves the right to change the championship site.


Will carts be used for the championship?

Yes. The host club should have a fleet of working carts that can accommodate the championship’s field size, plus TGA staff and volunteers. Players must ride during the championship. There may be no more than two riders per cart. Players must share carts when applicable. Caddies are not permitted to ride. The TGA will pay for carts for the practice round and all championship rounds.


Will there be a practice round for the championship?

Yes. Players will be instructed to make tee times through the golf shop commencing on a date that is mutually approved by and between the host club and the TGA. The designated practice round day is typically one day prior to the commencement of the championship.

Practice rounds on any other days other than the designated practice round will be up to the host club, but players will be allocated only one practice round.


Will players have access to the course’s practice facilities?

Yes. The TGA will pay for range balls for the practice round and all championship rounds. The host club’s practice facilities will be made available to championship contestants prior to and after the practice round and each championship round.


What is expected of my clubs maintenance staff for a TGA championship?

The TGA will not make any specific requests upon the host club that would in any way cause future agronomic issues or that would be considered inappropriate course maintenance practices at the time of year in which the championship will be conducted. Green speeds, fairway widths and course set-up are different at each course and the TGA will work with the appropriate parties to ensure the course conditions are as favorable as possible. The TGA will have the final say on championship course set-up.


Who is responsible for marking the course for the championship?

The TGA will mark the course for the championship. Course marking will comply with the TGA’s supplementary Rules of Play “Hard Card”. All penalty areas and out of bounds will be defined by painted lines and identified by stakes.

The host club will be responsible for providing paint and stakes in appropriate quantities (paint colors required are red, yellow, and white). Please do not mark the course within 10 days of the championship without notifying the TGA staff.


Who is responsible for selecting hole locations for the championship?

The TGA staff will select hole locations for each day of the championship and provide such notice to the golf shop and superintendent prior to the next round of play.


Does the TGA provide their own flags?

Yes. The TGA has flags that will be used throughout the competition, including the practice round. Upon arrival at the host club, the TGA staff will meet with the superintendent to make arrangements to get them on the golf course.


Does the TGA put up any signage on the course?

Yes. The TGA has directional signage that will be placed where needed throughout the premises. A championship welcome sign will be placed near the front entrance of the host club. Tee signs and hole/par signs will also be placed around the course.


Who will my club communicate with when hosting at TGA championship?

The TGA will provide the host club with a tournament memorandum prior to the event that will cover the final details for the championship. Each TGA event will have a designated “Staff in Charge” and that person will be the key liaison with the host club throughout the championship.


Will TGA staff meet with my club prior to the event? 

Yes. The TGA staff will visit the golf course prior to the event and work with the golf course host club’s head professional and superintendent in setting up course preparations.


What happens if severe weather occurs during the event?

The TGA and host club will work together to monitor various weather conditions, especially those that pose severe or adverse conditions that will affect the championship. It is the goal of the TGA to remain in contact with all host club staff to determine (or estimate) the best course of action for various weather scenarios. The TGA subscribes to a digital/online weather monitoring service to aid in every aspect of championship planning as it relates to weather – golf course set-up, logistics, potential delays, and player safety.


What happens if a scheduled round is delayed or if play is suspended?

In the event the start of a scheduled round is delayed or if play is suspended due to weather or other exceptional circumstances, every effort will be made to get the round finished if that can be done by delaying tee times and/or finishing part of the field the next day. Delayed tournament play must take precedence over member play anticipated after TGA scheduled tee times. The TGA would expect the host club’s cooperation in the extremely unlikely event that catastrophic weather did not permit the completion of the event.


Who is in charge of giving rulings to players?

A designated TGA staff member will head the Rules Committee and be present during the championship. Additional TGA staff, golf shop staff and TGA certified rules volunteers will be assigned to the Rules Committee by the TGA Staff in Charge. The TGA will write and distribute the Notice to Competitors.


Will the TGA use our club’s scoreboard for the championship?

TGA will ask the host club to provide a scoreboard area, but it is not required. The TGA will provide all scoring materials including printed score sheets and scorecards.


Who is responsible for providing pairings and scorecards?

TGA will provide pairings and scorecards and will ask for access to the host club’s copy machine to reproduce pairings and other materials for distribution during the championship.


Is my club responsible for providing a starter?

No. TGA will provide the starter for the commencement of play each day.


Will TGA staff set up a tournament office in the clubhouse?

Yes. TGA requests a room in the host clubhouse to use as Tournament Headquarters. The room will be used to conduct the Rules Committee meeting as well as Scoring Central. The room will need internet access.


Does my club need to provide any information for the TGA website?

Yes. The TGA’s main website ( has separate pages that are specifically dedicated to promoting each individual championship. The host club will be requested to provide copies of the club logo, course photography and historical information to be displayed on the individual championship’s homepage.